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How to integrate Voice Commerce into your marketing strategy?

Over 20% of UK households have smart speakers, however, Amazon’s Alexa remains the most popular one. The number of language assistants worldwide is expected...


One thing is for certain: no one needs more fake news, and that includes the products we buy. In sectors such as health and...

5 Trends That Will Move Mobile Marketing In 2020

In the past decade, mobile phones have become a key enabler and driver of business transformation. It has engulfed almost all the spheres of...

Social Media Content Marketing Strategy For Business

Ways to create an impactful social media content marketing strategy We all know how powerful social media content can be, it can shift things...

How to market your restaurant business in 2019?

Restaurant is a very tough business to launch, promote and run. Your restaurant needs to have a minimum number of footfall and orders to...

Corona Cases Stats

12 Jun 2021, 7:29 AM (GMT)

COVID-19 Cases Stats in UK

4,558,494 Total Cases
127,896 Death Cases
4,286,165 Recovered Cases

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