Casino Gaming Money Budgeting Apps: Revolut, Chip, Cleo, and Others You Can Use

Casino Gaming Money Budgeting Apps

Online gambling is an incredibly fun pastime, but if you’re not careful with your bankroll, you can easily get carried away and end up spending more than you planned. Like in all other aspects of life, moderation is key, and luckily for you, there are now various practical tools that can help you gamble responsibly. Let’s go over some of the best budgeting apps that you can use to have full control over your finances while playing online casino games:


Revolut is one of the most popular solutions among online punters since it provides a well-rounded set of services. It is both a valid payment method accepted by various gambling sites and a great money-budgeting app. The platform works seamlessly with a large number of operators, so you should have no trouble finding reliable Revolut online casinos to join. Additionally, the software’s simple budgeting tool allows you to stay on top of your spending. As a user, you can simply set a budget dedicated to online wagering, and the software will help you estimate how much you’re going to spend over a set period of time. 



Chip is another popular management app among today’s punters, and many players love it because its use requires a minimum of personal data. Namely, Chip allows users to create a thing known as a ‘connection’ account which means that there is no need to share your banking information in order to use its services. Of course, this kind of approach does not provide personalised experiences, but if you’re one of those players who value anonymity more than anything, you will appreciate the way it works. Besides the obvious perks, Chip is always there to help you with useful tips that will enable you to keep track of your spending. 


Thanks to its modern and creative design, as well as some neat special features, Cleo is generally more suitable for younger generations. Therefore, it might be the perfect solution for those who have just entered the world of online gambling. The app features an integrated chatbot assistant empowered by artificial intelligence which is one of the main reasons why players love it. On top of that, Cleo has read-only access to your gaming accounts so it can provide you with instant answers to various questions about your transactions and other budget-related matters. Furthermore, the app runs a fun blog full of practical advice and amusing GIFs and memes.

Money Dashboard

The demand for Money Dashboard is pretty high among online punters, and both in 2017 and 2018,  the system was even voted the Best Personal Finance App. The main appeal of the platform lies in the fact that it first allows you to set specific goals when it comes to your finances, and then it creates a user experience tailored to your needs. Next, it lets you connect all your personal bank accounts and group your transactions into separate categories like bills, groceries, or entertainment. In this segment, you can also create a special section for gambling and then use it to monitor the intended bankroll. 

Money Dashboard

Emma app

Emma is another app that allows you to manage all your accounts and spending in one place, and punters love it for the convenience it offers. Emma is the perfect solution for players who are looking to avoid overspending and cut down on unnecessary expenses. For instance, the tool highlights and ranks all your subscriptions from the most wasteful to the least wasteful ones. By doing so, it lets you spot irrelevant subscriptions that you weren’t even aware of. That way you can cancel them and redirect the funds to other purposes. 


Last but not least, Yolt is a pretty popular choice among online punters. The app helps you stay on top of your expenses by grouping your spending into smart dashboards where all the transactions are analyzed. After a thorough analysis, the platform gives you actionable tips on how to cut down your costs and save more money. So if you create a separate group for online wagering, not only you can monitor your budget, but you can also have it optimized. 

Online casinos are an amazing source of entertainment, as long as you make an effort to gamble responsibly. But thanks to the apps listed above, you will be able to monitor your spending and stay within your budget at all times.