Advertisement & Payment Policy

Content Policy:

  • We accept blogs from the guest bloggers/professional writers
  • Author accounts are open for the reputed writers
  • Only the open source copy right free images are allowed to be added in the blog (From Pixabay, Pexels, Unsplash)
  • doesn’t own any copyrights for the images which are being published in
  • doesn’t own any copyrights for the video content which is added in the blog from YouTube or from any other source
  • Incase if we own any copyrights, it will be mentioned adjacent to the respective media file
  • External Link placements in the blog should be very natural and should be relevant to the content.
  • Copied contents will be disapproved
  • Contents should be minimum of 700 words
  • Contents will be reviewed manually by our editors and only the approved contents will be published

Guest Posts/Sponsored Posts:

  • Guest blogs are accepted in our blog under the respective category mentioned in the website
  • Guest blogs will be published either Free/Paid based on the content quality
  • Promotional contents will be published as paid post
  • Informational content will be shared in our Newsletter which goes over all our website subscribers
  • We do offer contents for the guest posts & we charge separately for the contents.
  • Casino/Gambling links are not accepted
  • Guest Posts/Sponsored Posts tags will not be shown in the blog post. It will be published as a normal post.

Banner Ads:

  • is open to the banner ads in sidebar, header and in footer of the website.
  • Relevant ads will be approved after the manual review by our team
  • Price for the banner ads will be based on the ad placement and the duration
  • Only professional banners are accepted and the ad with the bright colors/irrelevant contents are disapproved

Payment Policy:

  • Payments for Guest Posts/Banner Ads are accepted only via PayPal.
  • Payments should be done within 4 business days once after the blog post is live
  • If we doesn’t recieve the payment, external links from your blog will be removed and your will blog will be still live on the site.
  • Published blog will not be removed/deleted from for any reason
  • If you need content from our end, Then the Payment is Upfront
  • NO REFUND will be entertained for any reasons

For Advertisement & Editorial Inquiries – Contact: [email protected]