How to integrate Voice Commerce into your marketing strategy?

How to integrate Voice Commerce into your marketing strategy

Over 20% of UK households have smart speakers, however, Amazon’s Alexa remains the most popular one. The number of language assistants worldwide is expected to triple by 2023. The new home companion is in kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms, thus creating a new gateway to customers and offering the opportunity to establish and integrate brands into the consumer’s everyday life while certainly throwing old marketing principles out the door. Companies who are eager to enter their customers’ homes with Alexa are not only able to sell their product but are accessing a new touchpoint in the customer journey for branding, service and global marketing.

Buying by voice command- Which products are suitable for purchasing via voice assistant?

Purchasing by voice command is still hard to imagine for many people. Nevertheless, this is a new sales channel  which should be capitalized on.. Those who recognize the potential early on will help shape the future of retail. A general answer to this question is not easy.  Here are a few basic rules that show a clear trend:

  • Simple and self-explanatory products

    Simple and self-explanatory products such as tissues, are ideal for ordering via voice: the customer is already familiar with the nature of the product and the price is not too high. Additional questions are largely excluded.

  • Digital services

    Digital services such as films, music or audio can be easily ordered via voice: The customer knows exactly what he is looking for. No risk of confusion means more security when buying via voice command.

  • Repeated purchases

    Repeated purchases such as reordering household goods or hygiene products are perfectly suited for Alexa. Here, not only the customer knows exactly what he wants, but also Alexa. Smart devices in the kitchen motivate customers to order directly and make everyday life easier.

How to integrate Voice Commerce

How do I get Alexa to recommend my product?

Alexa tailors your choices, so how do you get Alexa to recommend your product? A high position in the voice search results is essential for success in voice purchasing

  • Amazon Strategy

    Develop an Amazon strategy, including an ideal supply chain and efficient account management.

  • The Amazons Choice badge

    Good product reviews, accurate descriptions and fast delivery make your product Amazon’s Choice.

  • Keyword Optimization

    Relevant keywords and optimized content is the basis for all success on Amazon.

  • User order history

    Encourage your customers to buy your products through Alexa related campaigns and discounts. This way you secure a place in Alexa’s future recommendations.

integrate Voice Commerce into your marketing strategy

What if your product does not belong to the category self-explanatory, digital or repeat purchase? The reality is, customers are unlikely to start ordering rows of washing machines by voice command. If your company doesn’t fit into the above mentioned categories, you might want to have a look into “Alexa Skills”. The number of speech-based apps for Amazon’s assistant is growing rapidly. If companies manage to offer customers a unique skill with real added value, they can definitely dominate the market, as there is still little competition.