Winners Of Britain’s Healthiest Workplace Revealed: Why Is A Healthy Workplace Necessary?

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Winners Of Britain’s Healthiest Workplace Revealed: Why Is A Healthy Workplace Necessary?

Britain’s healthiest workplace was revealed last November. Run by Vitality – in partnership with the University of Cambridge and the Financial Times – the healthiest workplace was awarded to Nomura as a large organisation – 1000 or more staff – Novo Nordisk as a medium-sized organisation – between 250 and 999 staff – and OpenCredo as a small organisation – roughly 20 to 249 staff.

Data collection began back in January 2022, with responses drawn from more than 8,500 employees and 65 organisations. The data is gathered through questions and answers about leadership, culture, provisions of the workplace, as well as wellness interventions, facilities and services. Employees also submitted answers on their own productivity and job satisfaction, meaning that the organisations with the prize can claim both a physically and emotionally healthy workplace.

The Importance Of A Healthy Workplace

It is crucial that every workplace maintains a healthy environment, not only to aid in employee mental wellbeing but to ensure upkeep of productivity that can help that company reach new heights. In this instance, the prize is not a byproduct of a good office environment, but rather a catalyst of Nomura, OpenCredo and Novo Nordisk’s relative success.

The Importance Of A Healthy Workplace

The survey is free to take part in, and there are plenty of reasons to do so. For starters, if you are running a B2B company, then a top spot on the leaderboard can be beneficial for your b2b communication channels. Every company that is doing business with you will want to know that you can be trusted, with a transparent and productive working environment. A top spot in the leaderboard demonstrates both your strong working environment and your reliability as a business partner.

The same applies for B2C organisations. When it comes to drawing in new customers, it is immediately noticeable if a workplace is healthy or unhealthy, not least due to the employees they are communicating with. The Vitality survey can give you a good insight into your business’ lifestyle,  as well as strong recommendations on how to boost the physical and mental wellbeing of the team.

Investing In Wellbeing

Although there are employee engagement programs which can ensure productivity – as well as overall positive mentality in the workplace – you will not claim the ultimate benefits if you do not know which areas of wellbeing you should be investing in. It is not a case of trying to solve the problems by casting a wide net. Each area should be pinpointed and recognised, with reliable data that can help in the concoction of the remedy.

Succeeding in business is difficult, but it isn’t out of your control. Maintaining a healthy workplace can help you become desirable with potential clients, whilst also improving the emotional state of the employees that you invest in. It is rare that successful workplaces have an unhealthy environment. Healthy workplaces breed results, and this is one of the main reasons why it should be the main goal when starting out – or, indeed, as your company develops – and you should ensure to give the task the attention that it deserves.

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