Full Lifecycle package of IT services and its indispensable for the business

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What is a Full Lifecycle package of IT services and why is it indispensable for the business?

With his 20 years of experience in the IT industry Yavor Y. Zlatev has had the opportunity to participate in different projects abroad because he has been living outside of Bulgaria for more than 15 years. The main projects are related to building and maintaining client IT environments in known technological fields, important to every company which works with data (Linux, Microsoft, computer networks, cybersecurity, databases). Yavor also has plenty of experience in the software fields – Software Developomemt&DevOps (DevOps is a methodology for software development which combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops) in order to improve the quality, reliability and speed of providing the software to the end client).

In the last ten years Yavor Y. Zlatev has actively worked on the development of Advanced Vision IT Ltd. The main idea is to provide a “full lifecycle” to the IT and business services required by a company. His company offers a full set of services – from software development to cloud integration, cybersecurity and IT management. Yavor has plenty of experience in industries like fintech, betting and gaming industry, cybersecurity, electronic trade, telecommunications and cloud industry.

lifecycle of it serviceWhat is a Full Lifecycle package of IT services?

Most generally speaking, this is the process from software development to integration in the Cloud, implementation of CyberSecurity in the organization, monitoring, support and management of the IT projects. This package covers the so-called “Full Lifecycle“ of IT services necessary for a business. It includes Software Development House; Integration in the Cloud; Management of the IT Environment; Cybersecurity Stack; Security Operation Centre and Monitoring/NOC&SOC; Application Support; Project Management.

Which businesses is IT recommended for?

Currently cloud services and cybersecurity are two fields which are developing very rapidly. But let’s take a special look at Cybersecurity. Many industries are looking for it, practically all of them need it. An important detail here is that in some industries, like Fintech, Banks, Betting & Gaming, there are strict regulations imposed by the market and the state and they oblige these companies to implement the respective processes for protecting the customer data, as well as the whole working process. The goal is obvious. There is a lot of sensitive customer data which needs to be protected by either hiring an internal team or by getting a service from a company like Advision IT.  The second option is recommended for businesses which lack the required capacity to organise each and every element of the IT environment on their own.

What are the main risks for the businesses and why is it important that they have at their disposal such a full package of IT services?

The risks are various – from losing sensitive information to a reputation harm or even termination of operations. Knowledge of the cloud environments, as well as the right tools for their protection, is vital. The presence of a team which can monitor the security of the applications from their development to their implementation in the cloud is even more important. On the other hand, many companies are required by the legislation to protect certain types of data, for example personal information. Non-compliance with these requirements may lead to fines and legal sanctions. One of the most often used technologies, for example, is: Password Vaults, which offer options for protecting the passwords and can take complete control over our personal passwords and data. This provides a higher level of protection from possible leaks and accidents. Another main tool, known from the past, is a high quality antivirus system. But all of these are only basic technological tools which help for the protection of the customer data and are insufficient in most cases. A careful analysis is required on what is necessary for each business.  The full stack of technologies may include vulnerability management systems, EDR/XDR, firewalls, Cloud Posture Management Platforms, SIEM & SOAR, etc. The most important thing is to achieve a synchronisation between people and processes combined with the right technology.

it services

What are the main factors which businesses need to take into account when choosing such services?

We are all aware of the advantages of the cloud services and easily recognise the need for them. The companies own many online applications and the cloud environments allow easy access to them from different geographic locations.  For me, there are two kinds of risk: business risk and technology risk, and the latter determines the levels of the former. In each company the business specialists decide how much they are ready to pay for IT services and for processes which would reduce the technology risk.  But this requires that they make an informed decision. Everything really depends on the business risk which the client is willing to take at a given moment in their business project as well as on its correct recognition according to the type of business that they manage. Each client who correctly assesses their own business risk and uses online business systems, may take advantage of the IT services and reduce significantly their technology risk, and thus ultimately their business risk. The major difficulty is making the right risk assessment from a business and technology point of view and determining the required budget based on it. If the client lacks competent consultants on cloud and cybersecurity, problems are bound to appear soon.

There are two main ways of finding a solution to the problem described above. One of the options is hiring staff to manage the cloud services and IT security in the organisation, and the other option is hiring a certified company to provide people, processes and technologies on a monthly basis.

Why is the full package IT solution offered by you innovative?

It is innovative as a process because we have thought about each and every element, from software development, through cloud integration, to cyberdefence and monitoring. This, combined with a management team which monitors the whole process from a technological and business point of view, offers a continuous and efficient service.

Advanced Vision IT Ltd offers technological solutions for every business according to its type and size through monthly packages which manage the three main elements of the IT process – managing people, processes and technologies. Nowadays it is easy for the client to purchase technologies because there are many providers, but the hard part is adapting the IT process to their technological needs and especially their business needs. The experienced and certified service provider is key for optimising the expenses and providing reliable business solutions in the Internet.


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