How to look the part for job interviews

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Looks for job interview:

So, you’ve bagged yourself a job interview. There is lots to think about, including the types of questions that might be asked and how to conduct yourself. One thing we may give less attention to is the way that we dress, even though it could mean getting the job or not.

job interviewWearing the right outfit not only helps us feel more at ease but also makes a great first impression. To get you prepared and ensure that you demonstrate professionalism on the day, use this guide to how you should dress for a job interview in line with your prospective work environment.

Keep the outfit conservative

In today’s world of business casual, there are so many options when it comes to professional attire. It’s best to err on the side of caution however and avoid making any bold fashion statements.

All individuals should stick to standard colour schemes, such as navy, black and brown. While they may not be the most exciting of colours, you can always wear your more colourful garments once you land the job.

outfitMen don’t necessarily need to don a suit but should at least wear a shirt with either a pair of chinos or trousers. A tie or coordinating jacket can add a touch of personality should you choose to do so. Women should either wear a knee-length skirt with a fancy blouse, or trousers, with a blazer to take it up a notch.

Choosing the right accessories

You don’t want your accessories to take away from your stellar performance as an interviewee, but the odd standalone piece can tie together your outfit well. Keep it simple and make sure that the items don’t appear tacky.

A luxury watch can put you in good stead, demonstrating that you are keen on organisation and efficient at keeping time. Additionally, rings can be kept on but make sure that there is only one on each hand. For women, earrings are okay as long as they are small and aren’t too flashy. They can be paired well with a matching necklace.

Personal grooming is key

It’s not just your outfit that can indicate to the interviewer you’re the ideal candidate; the way that you take care of yourself is just as important. Those who don’t look after their personal hygiene send a signal that they won’t make an effort with the role either. Personal grooming is particularly essential in customer-facing roles or positions where you’ll be speaking with clients face-to-face.

Personal groomingEnsure that your hair is neatly styled or tied up and that your nails are trimmed before the interview. Make sure the clothes you wear are free from wrinkles or do not have any marks or stains. If you wish to wear makeup, stick to a neutral pallet that complements your skin tone and use the natural contours of your face to enhance your features.

Matching the workplace dress code

Research the company beforehand and see what the formality of the workplace is like. This will be a good indicator of the type of dress code. Here are some of the different types of workplaces you may encounter and what you should wear to each interview:

  • Casual – Professional-looking casual attire is appropriate. This includes dark jeans and smart trousers, polo shirts, skirts, dresses, and smart trainers or flats.
  • Business casual – Slightly more dressed-up, particularly for client-facing roles. Should include clothing such as dress trousers, pencil skirts, button-down shirts, jackets, ties, and leather shoes.
  • Business formal/professional – This is where your outfit must be formal and show that you take the role seriously. You should wear a suit and tie or tailored dress with a fitted jacket, close-toed shoes or oxfords, and classic jewellery.
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