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Improving Your Fleet Management: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

Managing a fleet of vehicles well is a tough, stressful responsibility. It’s easy to make mistakes when doing so, especially if you’re fairly new...

How Fleets Can Cope with a ‘Delivery Economy’

Lockdown has revolutionised how we now do business. One consequence of the past year is the expectation around businesses delivering their goods or services...

How fleet management can increase productivity for growing businesses?

When running a growing business, there are many things to focus on. One of the key tasks is maximizing the businesses productivity and keeping...

Electricians and their Fleet: New Survey and Findings

A new Vimcar study shows that a whopping one-third of all electrician employers have had a van robbed, in line with recent data suggesting...

Corona Cases Stats

17 Oct 2021, 9:15 AM (GMT)

COVID-19 Cases Stats in UK

8,404,469 Total Cases
138,527 Death Cases
6,879,735 Recovered Cases

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