Electricians and their Fleet: New Survey and Findings

fleet management

A new Vimcar study shows that a whopping one-third of all electrician employers have had a van robbed, in line with recent data suggesting that more than 1 in 3 UK businesses are hit by van theft annually.

The answer? According to Vimcar’s study, 63% of employers in the electrical service industry would buy, or have already bought, a telematics system to track the live location of their fleet vehicles and notify them of any suspicious activity.

Another 62% would also like a system in place to keep a handle on vehicle misuse: 75% restrict how their fleet should be used (some only allow their vehicles to be used for business miles, for example) and many in the electrical service industry find their employees don’t always follow those rules.

Here’s an infographic with the survey’s key findings below:

key-findings-electricalservices_en (1)