Essential Fleet Management Tips For Startups

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Many startups face challenges regarding funding their business. However, as a startup, there are many other processes that you need to handle. A practical way to do this is by automating most systems that do not require any human interaction or oversight.

Some processes can only be semi-automated, meaning that some human oversight will always be necessary. An excellent example of such a process is fleet management. The methods of managing a fleet of commercial vehicles and other business automobiles are often left last on the list of to-dos.

However, fleet management is essential to the survival of your startup. Here are five tips for managing your fleet.

White Diesel

Diesel Engine Road Vehicle (DERV) or Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel is commonly known as white diesel and is significantly less costly than red diesel. By using white diesel for your fleet, you can save scores of money.

What’s great about it is that DERV is also available in bulk, meaning that fleet managers can get massive discounts when purchasing fuel for their fleet.

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Service & Maintenance

An essential tool to manage your fleet is by scheduling regular service checks, repairs, and maintenance for each vehicle. This will help your fleet become more efficient by reducing downtimes and breakdowns and using less fuel.

Fleet managers should keep in mind that scheduled repairs and maintenance cost much less than the cost of unforeseen and unplanned breakdowns or parts replacements.

Fleet Management System

The best tool fleet managers can use is an automated and integrated fleet management system. The software will track the routes for each vehicle and calculates the time needed to complete the delivery and the cost of each trip.

This system will thus improve the productivity and efficiency of each delivery. The software also delivers feedback that managers can use to improve processes, benchmark competitors, and ultimately provide services better and faster.

GPS Tracking

A GPS tracking system works hand-in-hand with the fleet management system. The system will use a tracker to locate vehicles, check for best routes, and calculate the time needed to complete them.

The GPS will be embedded in the management system and flag any wasted time or unplanned stoppages as warnings against the driver, thus keeping drivers accountable and working at all times.

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Training Drivers

Last but not least, training your drivers can significantly improve your overall fleet management. Drivers have the primary point of contact with the vehicles. Thus teaching a driver how to manage minor breakages or how to drive the car safely can save you both time and money. Proactive driving reduces the likelihood of occupational injuries, accidents, or deaths. This will thus safeguard the company from worker’s compensation claims or lawsuits.

Comprehensive fleet management is vital for the survival of any startup. Without it, businesses will fail to identify potential risks and mitigate them accordingly proactively. Therefore, fleet managers must seek the best fleet management practices and implement them swiftly and appropriately. This way, the business will grow without many stumbling blocks.

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