Increasing UX During The Festive Period

UX During The Festive Period

Are you currently planning on how to prepare your website for the festive period? This article will explain why your eCommerce site should have a high-quality user experience, especially during the lead-up to Christmas.

How User Experience Has Become Important

How User Experience Has Become Important

As the online world continues to dominate, UX is at the forefront of most eCommerce strategies. It focuses on understanding how your online customers interact with your brand or interface, and requires a deep insight into your customers’ habits, abilities and limitations.

Implementing successful UX practices on your platform will improve the quality of the user’s interaction with your website, enhancing their perceptions of your brand and the products and services you have to offer, increasing the likelihood of them choosing to convert.

A website that is hard to use, slow and poorly laid out will force visitors to look elsewhere. Not only does this cause a reduction in sales, but it allows users to believe the brand doesn’t care about user experience. Fulfilling the customer’s needs and creating a platform that’s easy to navigate provokes a loyal customer base and a positive experience.

Personalising Your eCommerce UX

Personalising Your eCommerce UX

Creating a personalised UX on your eCommerce site has become more important than ever, and users are now starting to expect it. Sites that lack a personalised experience for the customer could potentially lose out on sales.

Personalisation can increase customer loyalty as users enjoy a personalised and relevant shopping experience, potentially leading to an increase in average order value. When you tailor your offers according to the customer’s interests and preferences, you make them feel appreciated and show that you care about their choices.

If you are looking at the best ways to increase your UX and want to offer a more personalised solution, consider appointing the help of a specialist agency.

Ways To Create A Festive UX

Ways to create a festive UX

Optimise Your Homepage

Populate your homepage with big, festive banners to celebrate the Christmas period. Highlight any festive deals you are running throughout this period so your customers can browse and make the most of what you have to offer.

Be Clear To Your Buyers

Create clear signposts on your website so your customers know how much to spend to qualify for free delivery, what discounts you’re offering and how to use them, and if items are in stock or not.

Create Gift Guides

Create gift guides

Implementing additional content on your website is incredibly useful and can help your buyers decide exactly what it is they would like to purchase. Whether that be supporting blogs or gift guides that highlight your top products, be sure to include clear links to where your customers can access these extra resources.

Refresh Your Content

Content that doesn’t apply to the time of year can affect the user experience, especially if it is completely out of date. Refreshing your content to fit with the festive theme can encourage users to get into the Christmas spirit, increasing the desire to convert.

Optimise For Mobile

Optimising your website for mobile will help to reach a wider audience and maximise your sales. Customers are now looking for fast and convenient sites to use whilst on the go, so optimising your site where possible increases your brand reliability.

With your eCommerce user experience updated in time for Christmas, you are sure to see conversion rates increase this festive period.