What Is WISMO, And Why Is It Crucial For Your Business To Manage?


Customer loyalty is a profoundly important part of growing a successful commerce business in the UK. Even as the market experiences a huge and continuing e-commerce boom, entrepreneurs in the field still need to provide value to their consumer demographic in order to properly compete. Which is where the term ‘WISMO’ enters the equation. What is it, and why is it so important?

What Is WISMO?


WISMO is an acronym for one of the most common customer complaints in commerce and logistics: “Where Is My Order?” The word WISMO is used as a term for inbound customer inquiries, this request can be received in many different ways such as emails, calls, SMS and many more.

However you manage your delivery and logistics, you remain responsible as business for the satisfaction of your customers – something that is true to your customers, at least, regardless of the terms relating to your delivery process. To clarify: even if you hire a third party to handle the logistics of last-mile product delivery, your customers will hold you largely responsible for the quality and outcome of said delivery.

As such, WISMO is a major aspect of e-commerce customer service, and one of the leading complaints with which customer service teams will deal on a day-to-day basis. But what are the tangible impacts of WISMO, and how can it be properly mitigated?

The Impact Of WISMO On Business

The Impact Of WISMO On Business

WISMO can have a number of consequences for the success of your business in the short and long term. For one, WISMO requests can choke up your customer support channels, especially if unforeseen issues or events delay a batch of deliveries.

Over time, customer WISMO requests can filter back to the customer base itself, in the form of poor reviews and word-of-mouth testimonials. This can weather your business’ reputation, and render you uncompetitive with other rival businesses in your industry.

Mitigating WISMO

Mitigating WISMO

One of the most effective ways to minimise the impact of WISMO on your business is to institute a same-day delivery policy – at the very least, as an premium option for last-mile delivery. Offering options for delivery places the answer to the question “where is my order?” this is one of the important cost factor and this will also break your brand name and reputations. The option for same-day delivery policy makes the choice not to receive the item immediately theirs alone, and mitigates the number of extraneous queries and requests coming through your support lines.

Alternatively, an active approach to customer communication can allay fears before they develop. Creating an email update system that notifies customers as their delivery meets specific stages or milestones can keep them in the loop automatically, while a dedicated line or webchat for delivery and logistics queries can be opened to separate out your customer service queries for ease.