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SMEs relied on new technology and fleet digitalisation through COVID, study reveals

Times are changing, and it can sometimes feel like you are being left behind. As new developments are made in the field of technology, business owners need to adapt their processes to keep up with demand. If your customers are expecting a service that you don’t provide, it could harm your reputation in the long run.

How To Use Technology To Benefit Your Business?

It isn’t hard to stay up to date, so here is a look at how you can use technology to benefit your business.

Smaller Devices

The first smartphone was released over ten years ago and it gave the general public a means to access the internet on the move. As a result, communication has sped up and even has become cheaper.

Remember when text messages cost 10p each? Now, you can video call someone on the other side of the world for as long as you need and it is completely free. Making these handy devices part of everyday business shouldn’t be difficult. Almost everyone owns a smart device of some kind. It is a good idea to look into exactly what smartphones are capable of and use them where it is more prudent, rather than relying on desktop computers.

Storage Systems

Speaking of things getting smaller, storage issues are now a problem of the past. It is likely that most business activity is done using a computer, one that stores all of your important files. But, there is no longer any need to wrestle with choosing what items to delete.

It is entirely possible for you to keep every bit of data that your business collects. You can choose to use a USB device to create back-ups of your files, but there is a much easier solution to all of your data storage needs.

personal cloud storage

Cloud storage is a method that stores all of your business data on remote servers. This data is backed up, and can be accessed using any device that you grant permission. There is no limit to the amount of data that can be stored on a cloud server, which makes any storage issues that your business has a thing of the past.

Internal Communications

The human resources department in a business was previously used to monitor employee patterns and issues. Now, for most companies, this is aided by a software system to handle admin tasks, enabling employers and HR staff to focus more on the strategic aspects of staff management. Online HR software collects all of the relevant employee details into one large database. Anyone, with access permissions, can access this database to find out key insights into the daily processes of your staff.

Basically, HR software acts as a middleman for management teams and their employees. Managers can look to the database to review holiday and absence data and make informed decisions. Check out what these tools can do by exploring the innovative features of myhrtoolkit.


Security is an important facet of any business and it relates to all manner of processes.

We have already talked about how cloud storage and online HR software can keep your business’ data secure, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. All of your employees are likely to bring their smartphone into the office, that’s just how life works now. However, these devices are often used to link to your main network during the day. All it takes is for someone to hack one of these devices to gain access to your entire network.

That is why software patches are available on all computer systems to further encrypt your passwords. This software also updates regularly to identify unfriendly apps, ensuring that unauthorised eyes cannot use these to peak at your data via your employees’ devices.

Security technology isn’t just crucial in cyberspace. You may also want to look into a smart security system for your workplace. These systems work in tandem with smartphones and other devices to allow you access to cameras and doors remotely, giving you the peace of mind that you need.

Future Proofing

It would be extremely difficult to explain to your past self about all of the important technological leaps that we have already discussed. A business landscape can change a lot in two years, and that is why it is important to keep an eye on what is happening in the world of technology.

By doing this, you can stay ahead of the curve and adapt as needed, future proofing your business for what is to come on the horizon. Some of the proposed innovations may fail, but one may stick and adopting it quickly could make you an industry leader.

Take a further look at some of the technology we’ve mentioned above and decide whether you think it will put your business in a better place. After all, your business decisions are best left in your own hands.