Redesigning Your Website: How Updating Your Website Could Improve Business


First impressions count. First impressions are the most likely to determine if a client chooses to work with them for business.

One of many clients’ first impressions about a business is their online presence. Specifically, their company website. A company’s website should provide a clear and concise overview of the business and the products or services it delivers. It should offer further support and information should the visitor need it. If you are contemplating redesigning your website, here are a few ways updating the site can help improve your business.

Update The Visual Appeal

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Your website’s appearance acts as a reflection of your business. You must position your company as being the ideal choice for consumers. Potential clients will form their first impression of your business from your website. Redesigning your outdated site could help you to secure more clients.

Partner with a web design company such as e-innovate to help you build a site that welcomes clients and potential clients. For example, a glance at the website will show you how the web design agency in Surrey has helped multiple companies. Seeking professional support for redesigning your website will help you create a visually appealing site and easy to navigate.

Reach More Clients

One of the easiest ways to reach more clients is by creating a mobile-friendly website. It allows individuals to access your website using different devices. More consumers than ever before use tablets and their smartphones to access information. They are also using it to find a particular product or service that they need. Despite being a current trend, this will be an ongoing approach for the foreseeable future. Ensuring that you optimize your website for consumers is essential for your business.

It will help your company be viewed as a modern business, helping to improve its reputation. You want potential clients visiting your website to have a positive experience. Having a mobile-friendly website is one way you can ensure that happens. You will also notice an increase in sales.

Avoid Slow Loading Times

Since your website has a new visitor, you must instantly capture their attention. Consumers are used to accessing information within seconds. If your website has slow loading times, it will likely cause visitors to leave your site shortly after entering.

Website Visitor Identification Platforms

Search engines are more likely to place websites higher in their search pages with quick loading times. The cause for a slow loading page could be due to page caching or image sizes. To combat this issue, speak with your web developer or designer to see what options are available to help you speed up your websites loading times. Potential clients are more likely to stay on your site longer if not waiting for pages to load.

Improve Search Ranking Results

Google will occasionally alter its algorithm for determining which web pages will be displayed in its search result pages. Updating your website regularly with engaging and relevant content will significantly benefit your business. The search engine aims to provide a person who uses the site with web pages to answer their search query.

Ensuring that your suite has the quality and relevant content, including key phrases and keywords, will increase your rankings. If the search engine changes its algorithm, your web page will still rank highly.

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Enhance Website’s Security

A primary reason you should update your company’s website is to enhance its security. For example, if the unfortunate incident of your website being hacked, it will cause issues for both the business and for your clients. It could be vital personal information being stolen.

If a security breach were to occur, it creates a lack of trust between the client and the business. Clients whose security breach has impacted are likely to leave a negative review online about your company. The review that they leave could turn potential clients away from your business.

To avoid this, ensure that you conduct regular maintenance on your company’s website security. Update it regularly so that your website is protected as best as it can be.

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Shows You Appreciate Feedback

If you have received feedback from clients in the past about your website, updating your site to resolve those issues shows them that you do listen. It informs that you have taken their feedback and have ensured that the problem does not occur again. Clients will not go unnoticed by showing that you are willing to listen and consider input.

Time To Make The Updates

Running a website needs continuous work completing. It needs to be regularly updated with relevant content to help improve its visibility.

Updating your site can be a time-consuming task. However, the benefits it can provide are worth the time spent improving it. Clients and potential clients will more likely engage with the site than before. In turn, this helps to boost interest and sales. As a result, your business can reap the rewards of becoming more assertive and accomplishing goals. All of which is achievable by spending time maintaining your company’s website.