More than ever before, creative teams are working from home. With the rise in popularity of remote and hybrid solutions, communication across teams is becoming increasingly difficult. Water cooler chats, creative idea exchange, and interpersonal conversations are all crucial elements of an employer’s happiness – especially in creative teams, where exchanging ideas is an essential part of the daily business.

But how can you cooperate with teammates when you don’t have the ability to share creative ideas face to face? What is the best way to ensure that everyone is on the same page?

Making teams happier

awork, the Hamburg-based work management tool, has made it its mission to address these issues  – and pave the way for a more joyful world of work. The start–up founded in 2019 provides the digital workspace teams need to maintain their creative spark and work more productively and happily as a team. Just 2 years on the market, awork is the management tool of choice of over 1,200 companies across Germany, including Viva con Agua, the Hamburg–based NGO fighting for clean water worldwide. Doing so, the tool has nothing in common with a rigid, boring, complex project management software, but stands out with a cool and modern design and a playfully simple application, saving the user countless hours on mindless organization and planning processes and puts the focus back on the actual creative work.

The future is digital (and joyful)

The future is digital (and joyful)

“Sooner or later, a majority of companies across all branches will need to deal with setting up their teams digitally”, awork co-founder Tobias Hagenau states. “An increasing number of companies will be faced with the need to properly manage tasks, provide easy communication across teams, and, of course, maintain an enjoyable work environment in order to keep the team productive as well as happy.” Team Leads or Managers are often thrown into a confusing, unclear process in which it is difficult to keep track of who is working on what, resulting in inefficiencies.”. awork brings all of those to-dos and deadlines together in one place: Charting project and activity coordination, connecting files, cross-project capacity, and team member planning – tasks that used to take a lot of time and energy are now easily done and shared with the team. The tool helps the entire team to improve workflows and stay organized by visualizing activities on a timeline and adding dependencies and milestones fast and efficiently.

According to a poll of over 100 users, 28% using awork are even more productive working remotely than they were  working at the physical office – resulting in happy teams that do not just enjoy their work more, but also achieve more together.

Keeping your data safe

awork is GDPR-compliant with all of their servers operating in Europe and thus following EU–regulations regarding data policy, allowing awork to set new benchmarks on how to handle oftentimes sensitive data in a management tool. 

Future plans Expanding across Europe

Future plans: Expanding across Europe

Aiming to follow their mission of making teams happier worldwide, awork is currently expanding to the Netherlands, with more countries to follow. 

  • Quote Tobi: “By operating in Germany for the past few years, we’ve gained a good level of knowledge into what teams want and need in today’s working world. Bringing a software Made in Germany to the European market has been a dream of ours since the beginning of awork, so starting with the Amsterdam market, where the majority of the Netherlands’ creative teams are based, seemed like a good place to start.”

That however, according to Hagenau, is just the beginning: “In the near future, we want to expand to further locations”, Hagenau states. “We truly believe that European teams need a data-protective alternative and a digital workspace for happy teamwork across the board.”