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Usually, Business cards play a vital role in all the business (no matter what business you run) marketing that when utilized properly will help you to win or succeed in many new and small businesses it is said a business networking phenomenon. The business card you design must be more impressive such that it grabs the attention of the potential customers to your business. Therefore, if you are interested in starting a small business in the UK then you should certainly be familiar with the standard size and dimensions of the business card, which is the same throughout the UK.

significance of business card and its types

Business cards can be designed in different sizes, which is considered more important when you perform your jobs with international businesses. Here in this article, we discuss the standard size dimensions of the business card that is a typical card size for the professionals in the UK.

According to one of the surveys in 2018, it is found that around 90% of small business owners use printing materials, including business cards to attract the target customers easily.

Importance of Business card usage

However, there are many marketing strategies for a business with the availability of social media and email, if one spends less budget and poorly designs the business card then there is no use in marketing your business because everything fails due to this. Hope now you know the importance of business cards in a business.

Besides all these, there are people who concentrate less on the design of the business card, concentrate on the reverse part of marketing, and implement many steps to improve the level of their business. Due to all these, the outcome of a businessperson would be that he could not reach the potential customers and move their business to the next level.

  • Business cards create the first impression to reach potential customers easily
  • Well-designed Business cards act as an effective marketing tool for a business in the UK
  • Helps to get Good referrals using the business cards
  • As these cards reach the customers, first it is more important to create branding for your business.
  • The budget spent on a Business card is comparatively less than other marketing techniques
  • It is an excellent value for money marketing.
  • Business cards will give out more opportunities in social as well as business events like trade shows, meetings, and conferences or other networking events.
  • Great way to be remembered by the people at all times when needed.

The above-mentioned are some of the key factors considered in the usage of business cards. 

Ways to choose the size and design a Business card effectively

Always while designing or printing the business card the size of the card is more important. Based on the business we generally have different requirements from our business cards, like the information that is to be included in the card, the card should be printed double-sided, or single-sided. Always it would be better to choose the right size and quality of printing that best suits your business.

Double sided Business card

Suppose you work with international companies then certainly you would have noticed that everyone sticks firmly to the UK’s business card size. Since there are no specific international standards for business cards, most of the people follow common designs based on their own country. Here I had mentioned the business card standards all around the world. A business card should look like

Different Business Card size specifications and Dimensions

Premium (85mm x 55mm Dimensions)

Dimension 85mm x 55mm is the standard size business card, which is the right choice for any wallet or business cardholder. This size is similar to credit card size, which is pocket friendly and whenever you get a chance to visit or communicate with a network, it would be easy for you to use these cards and give them for further assistance. 

Economy (85mm x 55mm)

This specification is entirely a budget-friendly and cheapest business card without any compromise with the quality of the card. Moreover, it provides a luxury feel at a reasonable cost. This comes under the UK business card size and easily fits your contacts wallet.

Square (55mm x 55mm)

This card’s dimensions and depth are the same as that of the standard business card size so that you can include all your details (that includes logo, Facebook name, etc) in a sufficient space. In addition, its size is very particular so it grabs the attention of the customers easily.

Square shape business card

Mini (25mm x 85mm)

If you love to have a modern and unique business card design with a slime line card then this would be the best choice. Although the size is small, it creates a great impression with its uniqueness. All the important details added and it would be very stylish if you add a glossy coating to it, which gives a luxurious look and feel.

slim card size

Folded Business card (short edge 170mm x55mm or long edge 110mm x85 mm)

Some type of business requires these folded cards, which has printing on all four sides than the 2-side printing as in case of the standard business card. Used as an appointment card in salons or doctor’s surgeries.

folded card size

As mentioned above many business cards available based on the type of your business and your choice. Almost all satisfy the UK’s standard business card size. Still, in a few countries, people print business cards based on the design practices of their own country.

Few of the business card sizes and dimensions followed among various countries around the world.

different business card sizes

Business card Designing tips

Always it is better to follow the standard business card size and the reasons to adhere to the same are as follows,

Standard Business card

  • It can hold all essential information related to the business
  • While designing or printing the business cards the business owners face many issues if they are not very sure of the standard size and this reflects in the poor design of the card, which in turn would have a reverse effect on business.
  • The Standard size of the card varies from country to country so be careful in choosing the size precisely what you need and print accordingly

Font Size of the standard business card

There is no specific font for the business card. The only thing you have to focus on is the contents in the card should be clear and visible to the customers so use a good thumb rule. Also, see that the company name and your contact information are large enough with at least a font size of 12pt smaller than this would result in illegible text that creates a negative impact on the customers at the first sight.

Tips for Printing Business cards

  • Before printing check the design properly that the text and graphics used in the business card best suits the standard business card size.
  • Always leave some extra space at least 1/8 inches for the background so that the design looks neat and legible with all design elements.
  • Remember that the business cards should be simple and easy to read

Business card look

  • Pay keen attention to the bleed area i.e. designing for the “bleed” also can be termed as creating a design that is lighter than the card.
  • In case you use the UK standard, business card size then your design must be 95.25mm wide and 57.15mm in height to account for the bleed area.
  • Almost you had spent more time in designing your business card with text and graphics, choosing the right font, and had concentrated on the bleed area, and finally, now you are ready to print the card. Here you have to keep a point in your mind that you should focus on the perfect resolution for the business card dimensions.
  • So in order to get a clear and high-quality card use a high number of pixels per inch (PPI).
  • Also, choose the right business card templates that will suit your business.


Hence, the above-mentioned details are clear and easily understandable to design your business card in UK standard size effectively and start promoting your business. I hope, after reading this article you will know the significance and the usage of business cards. So spend maximum effort and time to design a standard business card, which is a marketing tool for any type of your business.


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