Salesource – How Kyle Dayne build it as a brand to profit £5mln a year


Instead of going to university he risked starting a business, now making £5mln a year.

salesourceA 22 year old Kyle Dayne a few years ago made a decision not to follow the crowd and instead of starting university, he put all his efforts into creating a startup, turning his life around and making millions a year.

Kyle started his journey in 2018 with dropshipping – after owning multiple profitable stores he decided to sell them and concentrate on the bigger picture – a software company.

SaleSource was founded in 2019. The idea developed from obstacles that Kyle was facing as a dropshipper. The whole process of finding the right products to sell online seemed too complicated and time consuming. That’s when the idea for creating an AI powered by machine learning software occurred. With SaleSource, you can find best suppliers, best products and spy on your competitors at the same time.

Kyle hopes that especially during pandemic more people will be encouraged to start their own businesses or side hustles to secure their financial future. Dropshipping business model is very approachable due to the low barriers of entry.

Having coded since the age of 14, Kyle always knew his future is going to be in tech. His passion for UI and UX design is a significant factor in why SaleSource is successful. He wanted his customers to have the best user experience by making dropshipping simpler, more transparent and more accessible with his tool.

Coming from a working class background Kyle was always dreaming big, he wanted to escape to London and start his tech company, which after many mental challenges and working 12h a day 7 days a week is finally happening. One of the reasons he decided not to go to university despite being admitted to UCL and Imperial College London was because schools have no tolerance for failure, whereas being an entrepreneur means to move fast, experiment and learn from your mistakes. Many people worry about too many things and don’t take action, that’s why they never succeed.

“The future of SaleSource is bright, starting with dropshipping we are building a general tool for selling online, making ecommerce more accessible for everyone.” – Kyle Dayne

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