UK Lockdown Extended & Visitors Quarantined

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Lockdown Extended

The number of cases due to covid-19 has surged since the start of winter. According to the survey on 24th January, active cases exist across England is 3,647,463 detected and nearly 97,939 people deaths from the day of positive tests done. (28 days). Although new rules, restrictions are being implemented in the UK from January 5th. , the widespread of the virus cannot be limited. In addition to this, rules reviewed once in two weeks to bring out some relaxations in the rule.

As the UK entered the third lockdown, new rules and regulations framed and reviewed by weeks. Actually, in the beginning, it was that the lockdown will extend until the month of March but now certainly it has extended up to July 17 when the school’s summer holidays begin. New rules for every sector were announced and the people around and across England followed them strictly. The British government extended the lockdown laws and closes the pubs, restaurants, shops, and public places until July 17, which announced on January 24th.

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The infection rate of the virus has increased to high levels, the Prime Minister cannot ease the lockdown restrictions unless, and until the vaccination program works well. He has also announced that the new variant of Coronavirus, first identified in the UK has more death rates than the older virus. Therefore, the people of England have to be very careful and requested people to stay home safe and save lives. The British chief Advisor Patrick Vallance had given the statistical report that the death rate of the older viruses was as 10 deaths in 1000 infected persons, whereas with the new variant virus 13 or 14 deaths among 1000 infected.

Visitors Quarantine

According to the current Covid-19 Variant rules and restrictions in the UK, all people arriving in the country must have a negative coronavirus test for 72 hours before the people travel to be allowed for entry. Along with this, the passengers also asked to quarantine for 10 days. Maybe the isolation period is reduced after the second test is negative after five days in England.

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Therefore, the Rules and restrictions for the third lockdown in the UK have been extended until July 17 to reduce the infection rate and deaths out of it. The UK Government warns people to be safe enough at their homes and move out of their houses only for essential reasons like medical and food requirements.

National Lockdown rules in England

Uk Prime Minister Boris Johnson has clearly announced to the people that they should stay at home and must not mingle with others unnecessarily without any legal exemptions. The Rules declared or mentioned above are the same as the rules implemented in the previous lockdown-the first national lockdown started in March 2020.

It is also mentioned that when people move out of their house for essential activities must wear masks in all public places during the mingle with other people and maintain social distancing in order to save lives.

In addition to all these, chancellor Rishi Sunak has also announced that an additional amount of £4.6 billion is available for retail business, hospitality, and leisure sectors to help all small business developments even during the lockdown. As a result, the measures allow the companies to claim the grant up to £9,000 and the government says that nearly 600,000 companies will enjoy the benefits of the scheme.

Apart from the business sectors, the UK government has introduced a scheme Coronavirus Furlough Scheme that helps all the individuals, which will be extended and the run-up to April 2021.

Fine – people not following the rules

Along with this lockdown, the police people has the power to charge or fine the people who do not follow or abide by the rule and laws. Based on this, the first offense will be fined £200 through a fixed penalty notice. If it increases to multiple offenses, then the penalty could double, and most probably it would be £6400. For larger gatherings, it is £10,000. If people attend the unlicensed party then they would be fined and those who do not wear the mask.

UK lockdown rules

So the third lockdown rules and restrictions are to be followed strictly by the people of England, failure of which would result in penalties for people involved in all sectors.


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