How industrial businesses can benefit from metal coating their products?

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Businesses working in the industrial sector have to go through various processes to ensure that their products and the projects they work on are up to the standards their clients expect. A common process for many industrial businesses is metal coating. There are several different types of metal coating, and in this article, we will look at three of the most common ones and some of the benefits they can offer businesses and their customers.

Powder coating

Potentially the most well-known form of metal coating is powder coating. Many people may be unaware of how common powder coating is and that various household items, such as radiators, are often powder coated.

The process works by creating a difference in charge between a metal target object and the dry paint powder. Using a paint gun powered by compressed air, and containing an electrode, the paint powder receives a positive charge. The combination of the air pressure and the difference in charge allows the paint to be forced and attracted to the metal. Once fully coated, the metal is baked in a curing oven further to strengthen the bonds between the paint and the metal.

Powder coating

Businesses can benefit from using powder coating in several ways. Firstly, the quality of the product is improved as powder coating has some significant advantages over standard paint. Most notably, it is far more durable thanks to the application process. From an aesthetics point of view, powder coating provides a really smooth and consistent finish which often isn’t the case with liquid paint.

Secondly, businesses can improve their environmental impact as powder coating is a more environmentally friendly way of painting a metal than using liquid paint. Not only can excess powder which did not stick to the metal be collected and reused but the harmful VOCs common in other forms of painting and at an ultimate minimum with powder coating.

Marine coatings

While you may think that marine coatings are only used by businesses which operate in the shipping industry, there are other businesses in associated industries which use marine coatings. Any metal products that will spend significant periods of time either in the water or near the sea can benefit from marine coatings.

These coatings are designed to protect the metal from damage such as corrosion or rust. This is where the main benefit comes from. Businesses who take the time to invest in marine coatings for their products can benefit in the long-term as their products will have a longer lifespan. The advantages of this include the reduced cost in the long-term as protecting a product initially is better than replacing it in the future. There are also the logistical problems that come from replacing an item due to damage if it has not been protected with a marine coating.

Phosphate coating

With several phosphate coatings available, the range of benefits to different industrial businesses is varied. These coatings can be applied by spraying the metal with the coating or dipping it into the coating. So, how can phosphate coatings benefit industrial businesses?

How industrial businesses can benefit from metal coating their products

One of the main benefits, as with the other two coatings mentioned in this article is the improved protection that adding a coating offers the metal product. However, phosphate coatings are often used on smaller parts which are used in connection with others. As a result, the increased lubrication offered by some phosphate coatings can be a real benefit to helping businesses keep machines running smoothly.

Overall, industrial businesses can really benefit from metal coatings. The advances made in this area should be seen as important as those made in precision engineering and other key industrial areas.

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