Top 50 UK Business Directories to List your Business

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As the world, becoming more digitized and people feel better and more comfortable buying and selling things in their comfort zone, starting an online business with minimum investment has become more popular and one can find many ways for the same. Moreover, the eCommerce market has a great boom nowadays that to particularly from 2018. The buyer’s journey is moving towards online where google has made it very easier and simple in searching the most trusted online business directories and grow with the professional partnership. In addition, the easiest way to increase the online presence of your branding would be just listing your NAP details with UK Business directories.


Speaking about the UK business directories there are dozens of directory lists for specific niches, industries and regions are available online which increases opportunities and making the task simpler. Here in this article, we would discuss few directory listings among the huge list available and I am sure that it would certainly benefit the readers.

Key benefits of using UK business directories

benefits of business directory

Increase your perception

Once if you had submitted your local business in reputed directories it would help the search engines to understand your business, better which in turn allows you to get more exposure. Most of the websites listed here have nearly millions of visitors, so once registered it would automatically enhance your site traffic and you would have potential sales, provided you had implemented and optimized with the right conversion. In addition, it increases the trust and reliability of your business based on the business data provided.

Enhance SEO Strategy

As a part of offside Search engine optimization, SEO has to be considered as the foremost aspect to increase your visibility as well as the basic step to move your small or large business to the next level. The great advantage of SEO is that it generates new Google listings as well as provides backlinks to your site. Moreover, it helps in ranking top among the local search results.

Intensify Reputation

If your business appears in these business directories, it views your organization as a serious and proven provider. Moreover, these business directories also allow customer reviews, which in turn helps you to strengthen your reputation.

Enhance Local Visibility

Some of the large business directories offer many features and one among those is the filter option that enables the customers to connect easily with you even in the local area. The UK business directories are specifically used to target your customers in the local community whether your business is small or large.

Top 50 UK business directories to list your business online

1. 118 Information

118 info group

118-information group act as the key providers of business listing information and they come under the top 50 UK business directories. They ensure that the details provided are up to date by implementing various methods like Emails and letters for the business they could not reach out and contact over 2 million UK business every year to make sure the details provided are correct for listings so that the buyer buy what they need as the seller sells the product with accurate and exact information required.

DA: 27

Free Listing Available


Btlinks is one of the famous online lifestyle guides and local business directories available in the UK. They also provide a wide range of advertising and promotional opportunities. Whatever is your marketing objectives, it would be clearly understood by the team and implemented with appropriate online solutions as per client requirements. The only thing required to list your business is, you should have a website for your business.

DA: 17

Free listing available

3. Business Network

Business network

The business network is a free business directory available in the UK and it offers a completely new approach to help your business with its compatibility features and tools to help you online. A simple and modern business directory that involves all activities to move your business to the next level.

DA: 34

Free listing available

4. Google My Business


If suppose you are a beginner or small business owner then Google My Business would be the right choice for you. As all of us know that, it is one of the most popular search engines and it is the best place to start up with your business easily. All that you have to do here is just add some basic details of your business like business name, location, and working hours so that the customers feel free to reach you easily without any hesitation. GMB business directory is more affordable and cost-effective. In addition, it helps you to get significant traffic to your website and improves your ranking more effectively within a short span of time.

Free listing available

5. The Buteman


The Buteman is the UK business directory that is available for all types of businesses in your local community. Then what for you are waiting to come and search for great local business today and focus on your target customers to achieve your goals. Moreover, it is the free business directory, which helps all the beginners and the startup business to great extent.

DA: 32

Free listing available

6. Bing Places

Bing for business

Bing is one of the top UK business directories and it is the best place for all businesses to be listed. Once you add your business to Bing, make sure that you keep updated so that the customers obtain the right information about your business, which in turn the Bing helps you to find your target audience easily.

Free listing available

7. UK Locate

The UK locate is one of the rapidly growing business directories in the country which helps to create a free listing in and around all areas of the UK. They also offer express reviews for an affordable one-time fee. UK Locate provides a user-friendly interface with highly accurate and targeted results. Currently, 1.4 million business records from all areas in the UK have been listed.

DA: 28

Free listing available

8. Where2Go


Where2go is the largest independent website directory, which helps to register your business in their directory easily with simple steps. It allows contextual search in the search engines for anyone to find a business with accurate and effective business data. Free listing available

9. Applegate


Applegate is the UK’s largest business-to-business marketplace that allows users to find the products and services they require. Moreover, it is being cited in media, parliament, and academia. They love to make a genuine difference among many directories available.

DA: 54

Free listing available

10. Approved Business

Approved businapprovedbusinessess is one of the leading business-to-business listing directories that cover a wide range of highly targeted industry sectors and lists over 30,000 products and services. Moreover, when listed with Approved business is benefited from the live social feed, which is the most important aspect of an online marketing campaign and enhances your presence online with effective real-time tracking results.

DA: 38

Free listing available

11. Yelp


Yelp connects people with local businesses with easy and simple steps. Add your business to yelp and keep your page updated with the latest information and respond to reviews, view click, and call reports. In addition, to this upgrade with simple powerful advertising tools. Free listing available

12. UK business list

Ukbuisness list

UK business list is one of the best online business directories, owned by Clickdo where many businesses are registered each day on their great website. They also offer customer reviews and act as an online business profile. They cover the entire UK and nearly 3000 classifications of business are available. In addition to this, they also offer online business advice.

DA: 17

Free listing available

13. Enroll Business

enroll business

Enroll business is the famous online business directory available in the UK which allows the business owners to expand your horizon in business by making business searchable easy with the most popular search engines. They make incessant effort to make your business or services more efficient and easily searchable and user friendly as much as possible for the end-users. The business information available on their site are more precise and accurate which the customers feel more effective.

DA: 63

14. Hotfrog


Hotfrog is the UK’s one of the free listing available with worthful customer reviews that helps the business owners to enhance their reputation. Nearly 1.2 million people making listings and over 2, 51,000 inquiries occur each day. Make sure that your business listed in this directory to make your business easily searchable.

DA: 63

Free listing available

15. Business Mention


Business mention is one of the leading business search company that connects millions of business with customers and enhance the power of social media and online advertising. Private investors back up this business directory. It is an entrusted partner of every business registered. In addition, they send customer reviews as individuals reported to the business owners and this is achieved by conducting online discussions and polls based on their business.

DA: 27

Free listing available

16. Bizify


Are you a business owner then what for waiting still? Join the fastest growing free online business directory bizify, promote your products or services, branding, and get better ranking in the search engine results page(SERP). They also allow you to post blogs, visual impact, integrate social media, and still many more and make your business listing in their site more effective.

DA: 27

Free listing available

17. Express Business directory

Express businesss director

Express business Directory is the free online business directory available to list your business completely free with many advantageous features like easily found in search engines, choose your own keywords. It covers all top countries in the world and does the business listing s more effectively.

DA: 65

Free listing available

18. allows the owners to post a classified ad, post a website or company, which helps you to brand your business for your sites online more easily and effectively to reach your target audience.

DA: 50

Free listing available

19. is the Business information Centre and industry classification experts that makes business classification by SIC and NAICS Code. In addition, it verifies the existing business. It connects various classification systems by unique cross-mapping.

20. Skegness standard

Skegness standard

Skegness standard is the local business directory that helps the business people to locate the business in and around them easily for all type of business, they search for. Moreover, completely a free business directory helps to update on news, sports, and lifestyle.

DA: 44

Free listing available

21. Businessmagnet

Business magnet

Business magnet is one of the trusted UK’s B2B Digital platform. Over 140,000 UK companies have registered here and nearly 100,000 product categories with over 3.5 million impressions could b found here. In addition, they achieve more traffic per advertiser than any other B2B publishing company in the UK.

DA: 51

Free listing available

22. Cityvisitor

City visitor

Cityvisitor is the leading website for everything local. It is one of the online search markets for users and advertisers to grow in their business. They also offer information related to news, places, things to do, events, offers, and discounts, and still many more. Over 2 million businesses are listed in Cityvisitor. Therefore, register here makes your search easier.

DA: 57

Free listing available

23. Cylex


Cylex is the free online business directory that aims to connect companies and customers more effectively. Business owners have the advantage of free business entry and can utilize their premium Entry feature to promote their companies and gain more customers.

DA: 59

Free listing available

24. Europages


Europages is the famous online business directory in the UK, which has nearly 3 million companies listed in the Euro page business portal. It helps to find all potential opportunities for your business. This is the B2B platform available in 26 linguistic versions and attracts over 2 million decision-makers searching for business partners and suppliers all around Europe and worldwide.

 DA: 68

Free listing available

25. Findtheneedle

Find the needle

Findtheneedle is one of the rapidly growing business directories in the UK with Alpha publishing. It is best suited for all businesses and makes your search easier to find the right business or service for you.

DA: 49

Free listing available

26. FreeIndex


FreeIndex makes it easy to find, select, and make contact with fantastic local businesses in the UK. It has nearly 5 million registered members with many features like read local business reviews, browse detailed business profiles and get free quotes as and when required

DA: 78

Free listing available

27. Fyple

fypleAdd your business in Fyple free and experience the best business service in the UK and worldwide. They support the users and the customers to find their right product and service as per their convenience and feel more comfortable.

DA: 34

Free listing available

28. UK Small Business Directory


UK small business directory is free to use and free to submit a directory of small UK business that well suits for the beginners too. They aim to provide an excellent service for the small business for those who searching for a business in their locality. Moreover, with the facility of category search and country search the UK business directory designed to be user-friendly and search engine friendly.

Free listing available

29. UK Business Forum

UK bsuiness forum

UK Business Forum acts as the central resource for small business knowledge, advice debate, and good old-fashioned camaraderie. One can find small business discussions on everything from setting up in eCommerce to dealing with overseas suppliers. Right placed to find more opportunities’ for your business that gives you access to website reviews and full membership. Free listing available 

30. Trade Pages

Trade pagesTrade pages are the comprehensive B2B supplier search engine. They bring buyers and sellers together mutually for a profitable business relationship. They provide information about nearly 200,000 suppliers and many more B2b companies internationally. They also offer campaigns that have incomparable value. Free listing available.

31. The Visitor

the visitor

The Visitor is a great local business directory that is best suited for all kinds of business and you can add your business into their site free and easy.

DA: 49

Free listing available

32. Best of the Web

Best of web

Best of the web is the internet’s oldest web directory. It has a team of dedicated professionals to help your business in all aspects. In addition, they help to bridge the gap between quality products and services for the business who really requires it.

DA: 42



Denton’s is the UK’s most famous online directory that helps you in all your business needs. Almost 2 million pages appear on the google result page. Once submitted on this site they satisfy all your business needs.

DA: 33

Free listing available

34. Issuu


Issuu is the modern media company that provides its users with digitally bound content to anyone to upload their publications worldwide. 45+ million issuu documents and 100+ million new visitors every month.

DA: 94

Free listing available

35. Local Data Company

Local data company

UK’s most accurate retail company is Local Data company, where physically they track every retail and leisure business across the entire country. They provide accurate and exact information and satisfy all business needs.

DA: 42

36. Miquando


It provides good services, which is ultimately good for business. In general, Miquando opens the opportunity for all business owners. MiQuando gives any business the freedom to focus on service by responding instantly to customers all without inconvenient interruptions

DA: 29

Free listing available

37. Newtownabbey Times


Newtownabbey is the online business directory that lets people register their business in the site free and provide technological solutions to all problems by understanding their business clearly in all aspects.

DA: 43

Free listing available

38. Boston Standard

Boston standard

Boston standard is a local paper that allows business people to register their business free, focus specifically on customer needs, and acquire their target audience more effectively by providing many incomparable features.

DA: 49

Free listing available


The is one of the global business-listing database available for business owners to enable and enhance their business standards and contact customers directly. Anyone can create listings, update and review the listings all are free and instantly available to access.

DA: 66

Free listing available

40. Factual


Factual is a location-based data company to help marketers and their organizations to better understand and engage consumers. The power of location data helps companies to provide personalized, relevant experiences for their audiences. Location data is key to driving smarter business decisions for marketers and brands.

DA: 65

Free listing available

41. Independent


Independent is one of the local newspaper, which focus on lifestyle, sports, and all news. One can register in this site free and access all details required.

DA: 93

Free listing available

42. ABC Business Directory

ABc directory

ABC Business Directories is the best option to register your business where it has a large pool of free submissions. To include your site in the listings it would take up to 3 months to review the details the provided.


Locallife acts as the complete guide to your local area. The information provided is accurate and includes all local events, listings, maps, and locations that can be easily identified.

DA: 58

Free listing available

44. MisterWhat


MisterWhat is a comprehensive business directory of UK companies. The listings that you find can be consulted free. In addition, you can find the company, firm; shop, restaurant, and services you are looking for identified quickly and easily.

DA: 53

Free listing available

45. Leicestermercury


Add your business here in Leicestermercury with free listings and create a connection with the customers to enhance your business reputation to the next higher level.

DA: 66

Free listing available

46. Fulhampages


Looking for a service or a business then search for it her in Fulhampages business directory that gives you full information regarding the business and the business data provided would be accurate.


DA: 34

Free listing available

47. Citipages


Citipages is the online business directory, which provides accurate data and strives hard to maintain a proper relationship with the consumers and business owners. So register your business here for free.

DA: 34

Free listing available

48. is one of the recommended online business directories to run or find your local online business. In addition, it helps the business in promoting products and advertising campaigns.

DA: 57

Free listing available

49. Opendi


Opendi is the best online directory for business in the UK. Just mention the opening time in the site and all relevant details related to the business required by the customers for further communication. You can find everything all in one place.


DA: 51

Free listing available

50. Placestars


Placestars is an easy way to get the business rolling. Since new truckers often have tight budgets, using a free service is a good way to get some loads and save some money. Free listing available

Some of the tips and Rules for Directory submission

Keep the content persistent

Whatever details you provide related to the business should remain consistent throughout the directories. It is not consistent then google may get confused, result in which leads to undesired results for the searches made.

Be to the point

Always follow the rules and regulations and be brief about your business description.

Keep it Primitive

Do not use too much keyword or avoid keyword stuffing and do not repeat the same keywords. Avoid keyword stuffing and do not repeat the same keywords.


The above-mentioned are the top 50 online UK business Directories and some of the key benefits and rules for directory submission. Hope it would be useful for the readers.