Thomson 4k 40 Inch TV Review

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Thomson used to be a renowned television manufacturing brand but as various other companies took over the TV market, their popularity got decreased. Now they are back in the league with their new model, Thomson 4k 40 Inch TV. The market price of the television is INR 20999. You can watch 4k YouTube videos on it and it supports Amazon prime and Netflix as well. They have taken care of the demands and trends of the modern folks and designed an amazing television. But will it be able to compete? Are the features they provide enough for a television costing that much? Let’s take a good look at the various pros and cons of the model to see whether it will be a good choice this year or not.


Thomson 4k 40 Inch TV is India’s first 4k 40 inch television. It is a smart TV with 20 W audio output and HDR 10 feature. They have provided three HDMI ports in the television, there are 2 USB ports. The television will have the standard 60 Hz refresh rate. Also, Thomson has pre-installed six applications in this UD9 40-inch variant. It will have a pre-installed YouTube and you can play 4k videos on it. The brightness rating of the television is 550 nits. In addition to this you can easily get great offers on electronic devices using Flipkart Offers coupon code.

thompson 4k tv review

Other applications that have been already installed are the Amazon prime and Netflix. These applications will run on android 7.1’s custom version. They have provided the feature of video casting as well. The screen type of the television is LED. The resolution of new Thomson 4k 40 Inch TV is ultra HD and you can stream 4k videos. Its operating system is android based. This smart television doesn’t have a touch screen.


The SSPL is the manufacturer of Thomson television. In India, they have launched the Thomson TV. SSPL has been in the market, providing its customers with quality products, since 1990. This same company markets and sells kodak televisions here in India. Other popular models by the company are worth checking out too. Though they had not been very famous with the growing smart TV market, their new model is all set to make an impact now.

The various variants of the Thomson 4k 40 Inch TV are –

  • 43 inch variant of UD9 4K smart TV by Thomson
  • 50 inch variant of UD9 4K smart TV by Thomson
  • 55 inch variant of UD9 4K smart TV by Thomson

The 55 inch variant of the television can be bought at the cost of INR 37999. The television works smoothly and quickly perform the tasks. You can watch movies in ultra HD and the audio quality is very impressive as well. You can play games on it and the 4k high quality visuals will truly make your gaming experience a delight. Also, the controls are easier and you will conveniently get used to them. The design of the television is very modern and will give your room a premium look indeed. Aesthetically, the new Thomson 4k 40 Inch TV will definitely take your breath away.

4k tv review

With good graphics and high resolution sound quality, you will enjoy everything you watch on this TV. The color reproduction is amazing and the brightness of the television can be adjusted as per your requirement. You can customize other settings as well as per your taste and as per the videos you are watching or the kind of games you play on it.  Moreover if you are looking for technical lead job then it could be best to try it.

The latest news about this model is that it will be on sale as well. So you can get it at a discounted rate and save you money as well. Flipkart will be hosting the sale of the product. So keep checking it out to stay updated.


Thomson 4k 40 Inch TV has other variants too and you can choose the size as per your room and taste. Enjoy the best graphics and sound quality while watching your favorite movies and videos. Surf YouTube and access Netflix and Amazon prime on it. Watch your favorite series now in ultra HD television. The cost of the television is INR 20999, but you might get lucky and get it in a sale. Keep checking the online shopping portals to stay updated regarding the prices and plan to buy it when there is a good discount.

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