How Bad Credit Loans Helped Me To Improve My Credit Score?

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Life is full of uncertain events in which we have no control, especially when it’s related to finance. Today, where there is so much in the name of expense, there will come a time when you will have to take a debt to deal with a financial situation which is beyond your reach. Well, the need for debt is not always sudden as some are taken as a way to accomplish certain goals like buying home, car or any other thing that require a big amount of money. On the other hand, sometimes you have to take a debt in order to handle the financial crisis that comes out of nowhere and for which you were not prepared either financially or mentally.

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My name is Caroline Tyler and I live in Nottingham. For the last 10 years, I have been working as a public service associate. Like others, I too had taken debts in life both for some long term goals and during the time when I faced any financial crisis. Well, because of my poor money decisions, I ended up taking debts more than I could afford to pay back. Amid so many expenses to deal with and a large number of debts, I was barely managing to cope up with the payments. Undue bills and payments were something that was bothering me all the time. All these things had affected my credit score drastically that has closed the doors of lending from traditional lenders for me.

Bad Credit loans: A light in the dark tunnel

Despite all the odds, I never gave up and decided that I will do everything it takes to come out of this bad phase of my life. I met many people and searched online a lot so that I could get some help. Gladly, a friend of mine told me to knock the doors of direct lenders. After searching on the internet, I finally found a reputed lender named The Easy Loans who offered me with very bad credit loans with no guarantor and no broker needed. With the easy application procedure, the fund was transferred into my account within the same day of approval. The amount helped me a lot and apart from that I also took some decisive steps that helped me improve my badly affected credit score which I have discussed below:

Major steps that I took in order to improve my credit score

  • I used the amount of the loan to clear my default bills and previous debt installments.
  • I started to track the spending that helped me a lot to control my expenses.
  • Created a budget and followed it (following still) strictly to make sure that nothing goes off the balance.
  • Reduced my discretionary expenses as much as possible that was hampering my financial stability
  • Kept the use of credit card to the minimum so that it doesn’t affect the growth of my credit score.
  • While on the way to improve my credit score, I avoided creating any new accounts unnecessarily.
  • Checked my credit report from time to time and fixed any errors on it.
  • Other than a bad credit funding, I didn’t take a single loan to make sure that my credit score isn’t affected.
  • Lastly, I held my nerve and worked patiently until I managed to pull myself out of the situation.

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So, these were the things that I did in order to improve my credit rating. In all these factors, getting loans with bad credit from the direct lender was the trump card that made it possible for me to get out of this situation quickly. Thus, if you are also struggling in a similar way, then you too can handle things just the way I approached.

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