How Social Connectivity is Important for Students?

social connectivity for students

One of the main hurdles that students face in their academic life is how to overcome social anxiety. Not every person is gifted with the skills to make friends easily, hence some people struggle in this area. Battling social anxiety and having a thriving social circle motivates you to do better academically as well as personally. Social connection can be defined as a sense of belonging to a community or to a group and research suggests that its one of the core psychological needs of a human being. If as a student you do not know how to start on acquaintance then you should find out what your interest and hobbies are and what kind of people do you want in your surroundings. It’s also substantial to devote enough time and efforts to become active in your community, to start volunteering or join societies that will help you meeting your potential friends.

Here are a few points that reflect on why a social connection is important for students:

Improves Mental Health

One of the main reasons why the social connection is necessarily important to maintain as a student is due to the effects it has on our brain. Having friends have a positive impact on our mental health. It reaps many benefits such as you finally feel that you belong somewhere and you know that there are people who share the same insights on life as you. It vastly reduces stress and makes you feel happier. Being part of a university makes you face many challenges. Sometimes these challenges can be quite demanding and tiring as well. Having friends can make you face these challenges peacefully and there will be a place at the end of the day where you can take all your stress out.

students social connectivity

Increases Quality of Life

People who are well versed and have in depth knowledge can share their valuable experiences with you and you can learn different things from them. Moreover, children who have moved away from their home or country to study in another place know the value of having someone to talk as it can be a great comfort. It shapes your everyday life and bring positive changes.

Points to a Longer Life

Better mental health also leads to better physical health. It has even been tracked from history that a person who used to get separated from his/her tribe faced serious dangers and consequences that were harmful to his life. Students are encouraged to make friends in their first year because if they do not, it can potentially harm their health later on. This also leads to many other health problems such as headaches, breathing problems, high blood pressure or muscle ache or pains etc. Overcoming these problems points to a longer life.

Decrease the Risk of Suicide

Research shows that a high number of suicides were reported in universities and colleges because of the inability of the students to connect with other people and to perform well in both of their personal and academic life. A proper communal network ensures that students have people with whom they can confide in and share their problems with. This helps everyone to deal with their problems and depression in a community.

A Better Professional Life

Higher education institutes encourage their students to build a network, not just with people in their own batch but students who have already graduated. An alumni network helps pupils to connect with people in corporate life and give them a better insight into their careers they are going to pursue. This also helps them to land better jobs and perform well professionally.

social connectivity

Facing Challenges Strongly

No amount of encouragement is enough when you are going through a tough time. A student’s life is a platform AGradeEssay where he will face many challenges and hardships that will make them give up most of the time. In such situations, your friends come to the rescue. When a pupil has a strong network, he can face almost any challenge easily. A strong communal network also introduces too many new things that can solve your problems in a few seconds like affordable college essay writing services that can assist you with your college essays and assignments and cut your workload down.


To conclude, the above-mentioned points are some of the reasons why civil and communal relationships are imperative for the students. It’s important to remember that social relationships shapes the personality you are going to be. It has huge benefits on your physical and mental health and also, necessary to face hardships and avoid stress and depression.


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