How to start a blog and make money?

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How To Create An Effective Tech Blog To Earn After Job Loss?

Job loss is not always a precondition of other bigger losses especially financial. If you have talent and the intelligence of a trouble-shooter, unemployment cannot dominate. There are ways that can help get rid of the money mess and pending expenses during the ‘no job’ days.

How about writing a tech blog?

Perhaps, it is not necessary to describe the importance of technology in this modern world. Remember the way you applied for the last job? Yes, it was online on mobile or desktop or tablet. Oh, all are the advanced representatives of this technology driven era. Not even a single day is possible to imagine without it. From a coffee maker to e-mails, nothing survives today without the existence of ‘tech’. Why not use it to earn some money for your tough unemployed days? People are desperate to read the latest stuff on technology. Feed their thirst, get popular and earn money.

Here are some tips to create and establish a good tech blog.

It is perhaps not wise to start randomly. First know about some basic needs of this work and then better outcome can be expected.

  1. Write for a particular category
  2. Let your personality come out
  3. Take ideas from the established blogs
  4. Get your blog optimized
  5. Keep unshakable passion
  6. Know the nook and cranny of the current trend
  7. Write frequently


1. Write for a particular category

Writing about many things in the same blog cannot attract the due traffic. Google loves specialisation; show that in your blog. Take a subject for instance – open-source software or may be game development and pour as much knowledge as you can. Just make sure that is does not look cluttered. Categories too have sub categories keep them in mind. Content that is more particular gets traffic that is more refined. It is necessary to have a good grip on the subject as flaws can be destructive and the blog may die during its infancy.


2. Let your personality come out

Be yourself while creating the content. Yes, the focus should be on the subject but approach should be your own. This paves way for better ideas and fills the blog with more informative details. In fact, your confidence shows in your words, result is, super creative, super useful tech blog. Doubts and problems may cross way but for that too keep the same approach and let the readers get the real taste of the knowledge of the author.


3. Take ideas from the established blogs

To earn fast, you need to learn fast. Knowledge enhances when it travels from one place to the other. It is not bad to follow other bloggers and take the idea of how they deal with the topic. Get answer of a few questions –

how to start a blog and earn money

  • Do the other bloggers have a simple ‘text only’ approach or have an inclination for graphics and videos?
  • What makes them different from others?
  • How frequent they post on their blog?
  • What can be the idol layout and design for a professional tech blog?

When you get answer of all the above questions, you can notice a big change. Read the popular writings regularly from and try to implement the good things in yours too. But the content should not look copied. Google takes it as a crime and if you do that repeatedly, there may be a potential loss of ranking. This can harm the targets of earning and then who is going to pay the pending bills? Oops! Better not to copy anything.


4. Get your blog optimised

Search engine optimization encapsulates many tricks to bring a blog in the notice of the people. If you have saved good amount and now using it to get through the tough times then find an affordable yet good SEO company. If you think that the idea or information you share can bring a good return on investment then you need to take loans for unemployed with bad credit from British Lenders. Every project needs some initial efforts to bring out the due, desired and maximum benefit. Try everything that can fulfil the purpose however take care of the cost factor. For instance – PPC means Pay Per Click is a costly thing and this can be left for a later use when the blog gets the hold on its ground.


5. Keep unshakable passion

Passions is the platform of success, initially your blog may not show the desired results. Fine, do not get anxious, it is part of the game. Keep doing your work in the right direction and circumstances are sure to show the progress. Every work takes time to reach to its required aim and by that time, it is necessary to invest the due efforts. Especially, do not forget that you are part of the race and the competition can be tough. The factor that makes you different from others can become the cause of the success later. Keep getting into the roots of the industry and implement as well as improve.


6. Know the nook and cranny of the current trend

Get deep into the current inclination of the field and learn the best ways to communicate it. More you stay connected to what is happening around, more are the chances to attract the crowd on your blog. Once that happens, you can start earning.

start a blog and earn more

If the world out there is more interested to talk about any latest feature of Facebook, try to relate it to your own field. Make sure, it does not look weird and unrelated, do it smoothly. Do not let the reader feel that you are unnecessarily relating a current buzz to your field. In fact, it is not essential always to find a connection between the latest trends and your blog. If something has become the talk of the town then why not write on it separately?


7. Write frequently

Readers expect a regular dose of knowledge on varied topics. Besides, it is healthy for the growth of your site to appear frequently, as it is beneficial to become the habit of the people. This is how your blog gets some regular readers who continuously read and comment on the content and this regularity brings financial benefits. ‘Frequently’ does not mean the compulsion to post every day but at least fix some days and do not miss to post. For instance – Monday, Wednesday, Friday OR Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday. Select any one schedule and stick to it. By the way, certain bloggers have ‘Sunday blog’ image as they post on every Sunday. If this is something that appeals to you then why not?



The biggest benefit of writing a tech blog is that no one can survive in this modern world without technology. From career aspect also, it is a good subject to talk about. Just get in the concept of the topic, deliver quality content and reward in the money is sure to show in your bank account. Use it with a feel of proud that you managed the days of unemployment on your own.


Sarah Cantley

Editorial Head at UK Blog for Business & Startup.

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