Top 10 PAT Testing Companies in Shipley

PAT testing shipley

PAT testing is the process which involves fully assured and DBS check of all electrical appliances used in premises and at home. PAT is the abbreviation of Portable Appliance Testing which is offered by many companies with excellent services and cost-effective. In general, there are more reputed PAT Testing companies in the UK among which here we discuss the leading PAT Testing companies in Shipley who provide specialized quality service using the latest Seaward Pat Tester.

PAT Testing

Features of Shipley PAT Testing Companies are knocked out here for user benefits,

  • Certified Engineers working to IET Code of Practice Class 1 and Class 2 testing
  • Latest Calibrated Testers
  • Plugs and Fuse replacements offered
  • Socket outlet checked for safety
  • Microwave Radiation Leakage Test
  • Ensure a Good Safety level for all appliances.

Leading PAT Testing Companies in Shipley

These top PAT Testing companies in Shipley covers all business either large or small at the cost of £35.00 with an excellent service that complies with the Health & Safety Regulations of the UK. Following Pat testing companies in Shipley shows you are due diligence and have a system in place to ensure safe equipment and prevent electric shocks to staff and visitors to your premises.

PAT Testing

  1. ERG Electrics Shipley
  2. Elite Portable Appliance Testing
  3. Electraspec UK Ltd
  4. LTM PAT Testing Services
  5. EBInsatllation Ltd
  6. McLennan Group
  7. SJK Electricla Services
  8. A2B Electricals
  9. ABLE Group
  10. Emerald PAT Testing

1. ERG Electrics Shipley

ERG PAT Testing Shipley

If you are looking for quick and hassle-free solutions to your electrical issues or in case of emergency, then here are ERG Electricians who are best suited for helping consumers with Electrical repair and maintenance. Just make a call and recover from the issues wherever possible. They usually send only NICEIC, PART-P & NAPIT Registered Engineers and with over 1000 5-star rating it is one of the trusted companies for almost all business and domestic purposes. Your electrical issues would have sorted fast and enjoyed a stress-free environment.

Services Provided

  • PAT Testing
  • Electrical Wiring, Fault Finding in appliances and also provide Landlord Certificates
  • 24/7 service
  • Fast response from 60 minutes of the complaint
  • Very competitive local rates
  • No call out charge for completed work.

2. Elite Portable Appliance testing

Elite PAT testing Shipley

Elite Pat testing is one of the well-known appliance testings in Shipley that is responsible to make sure that all your electrical equipment works safely with proper and regular testing and maintenance. They charge £35.00 minimum – Up to 20 items and provide certificates after completion of the test.


Services Provided

  • Visual Examination
  • In-depth inspection and test
  • Function test is conducted once completing all the tests to ensure proper safety

3. Electraspec UK Ltd

Electra Spec PAT testing Shipley


Electraspec UK Ltd is the PAT testing company that covers entire Britain. It also meets the growing demand of the Health and Safety Industry. Electraspec Portfolio includes PAT Testing, PAT Equipment Sales, and PAT training courses.  Electraspec is certified to BS EN ISO 9001:2008, for quality assurance which complies international standard.

Services Provided

  • PAT Testing Results and assets can be viewed and downloaded from their website as and when required
  • Prior notice for next check with Automatic mail alerts
  • Had planned to launch free online service for their customers
  • Ensures a high level of security and safety for all appliances and mail conversations
  • Quality solutions and creates a stress-free environment.

4. Ltm PAT Testing Services

LTM PAT testing Shipley

Ltm PAT Testing service is a well-established company servicing with ten items for small companies and thousands of items in large companies. Whatever is your business either self-employed or supplier of hired equipment Ltm would certainly support you in portable appliance testing.

Service Provided

  • Electrical appliance testing on different volts and 3 phase electrical equipment.
  • 230v Sockets test and also offer Free microwave radiation leakage test
  • Electrical socket test @50p per socket
  • Free minor cable repairs and fuse replacement.


5. EBInstallations Ltd

EB Installation PAT testing Shipley

Looking for Electrical and security specialists to conduct PAT testing for all your electrical appliances then with no further delay do contact EBInstallations who provide you safety with excellent services. All works are carried out by highly skilled and fully qualified engineers. They have nearly 30 years of experience in the industry with qualified electricians and they do support all business self-employed or an organization.




Service Provided

  • Part P Registered Electrician who ensures the safety for commercial purpose.
  • All aspects of electrical work are taken over like lighting, power, fault finding and testing
  • Refrigeration and air conditioning installations are undertaken including maintenance and repair of existing systems.
  • Fire Alarms, intruder alarms, and CCTV installed by qualified engineers.

6. McLennan Group

Mclennan PAT Testing group


This is one of the best PAT Testing company that serves the entire UK with its qualified services and focuses on the individual needs of your business. Based on the ‘Code of Practice’ and HSE Guidelines, they render their excellent service to many companies that comprise of insurance companies and company policies.





Service Provided

  • Examines electrical appliances on a regular basis and ensures safety to use.
  • sending out timely reminders that the renewal date is fast approaching.
  • Frequent intervals they perform the regular PAT testing and keeps a stress free environment
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Mains Distribution

7. SJK Electrical services

SJK PAT testing Shipley

SJK electrical services are one of the PAT testing company that is based in Shipley and provides a wide variety of electrical services. The works completed by them meet the high-quality standards with all certification and latest technology aspects.




Services Provided

  • PAT testing
  • Adding and installing sockets and outlets
  • Extra fuse box installation
  • Fitting fire alarms
  • Full test and fault finding services

8. A2B Electricals

A2B Group PAT testing shipley

A2B Electrical Shipley is specialized in solving all types of electrical faults including electrical wiring in Shipley. Consumers’ satisfaction is their top priority and offers a wide range of services for properties in and around Shipley. Shipley electrical services work with a target time of 2 hours and charges only from the arrival time.

Services Provided

  • Portable appliance testing
  • Electrical wiring and repairs
  • Electrical Fault finding
  • Electrical installation
  • Fast, efficient and reliable

9. ABLE Group

ABLE PAT Testing group shipley

Able Group prioritizes their consumers’ needs and operates complete electrical services 24 hours a day. They have nearly 24 years of experience with qualified engineers. They provide a fast responsive service at competitive rates and fix problems quickly and hassle-free. It also supports all types of businesses with safe and effective solutions to resolve your problem.

Service Provided

  • 24/7 Fast Response
  • No Callout Charge
  • Free Quotes
  • Accredited by Trade Bodies
  • Award-Winning Service

10. Emerald PAT Testing

Emerald Pat testing

Emerald Pat Testing is a user-friendly company that the users can trust for all your PAT appliances. All the works done by Emerald testers are approved by NICEIC and are trained by City and Guilds. They carry out testing on a wide range of equipment including standard 13amp Plugs as well as110v / 240v / 415v Plugs.

Services Provided

  • Free Fuses, replacement plug and 12 months’ reminder for testing
  • Free Risk Assessment
  • Comprehensive Visual test
  • Also, Provide Fixed Appliance testing and a 4/5 yearly Fixed Wiring test.
  • specialized in Small Businesses and Office PAT Testing Small & Large, Schools & Colleges, etc.

The above mentioned are the top 10 PAT Testing companies in Shipley with the services they render based on customer satisfaction. Choose the best PAT testing service for you and be in a Safe Environment.