Top 10 PAT Testing Companies in the UK

portable appliance testing

In the UK, the health and Safety regulations redundantly inspect whether the electrical appliances are maintained and routinely checked for safety which prevents harm to workers. This process is formally termed as “in-service inspection and testing of electrical equipment”. PAT is abbreviated as Portable Appliance Testing that is done at regular intervals based on high and low-risk factors.

What is PAT testing?

PAT Testing is the examination process that ensures all electrical appliances are safe to use. In general, particular equipment used to perform the testing on all appliances is fit for continued service or to check whether any replacement necessary for working within their premises and also at times for the equipment provided by them for the use by employees, customers is safe to use.

The necessity of PAT Testing

PAT testing is a statutory requirement by all insurance companies that complies with current regulations. Few factors considered crucial in PAT testing are,

  • To Ensure Safety using Electrical Equipment’s
  • Integral Part of Health and safety policy
  • To eliminate the risk of injury from portable appliances
  • A quarter of all portable goods are reported electrical accidents
  • For the Convenience of the user based on electrical appliances.

PAT Test Pass or Fail

Above all once if the portable product is being tested, a PAT label will be placed on the appliance with “PASS” means the product is safe to use and other details such as when are the next test along with the contact details of the testing company. All these details would be available in the label, if else the label will be marked as “FAIL” and it indicates that the product is not safe o use. Also, the label comes with a color difference of blue, red, and green where blue indicates retesting is required and red failure of the product and green indicated the test is completed successfully and ready to use respectively.

Steps involved in PAT testing depending on the equipment

  • Visual inspection
  • A complete check of any metal that is being exposed
  • Ensure whether the cables are in good condition
  • Test for insulation among the parts transmitting current
  • Ground verification 

Tips to Choose a PAT Testing Company

To have proper and competent testing done on your portable products it is vital to hire a reputed company that does the testing process perfectly. Few tips are given here,

Move through reference

Since many people use electrical appliances both at home and office certainly they would have conducted PAT tests for those products. You can approach them and find out the companies that excel in their work and also have a good track record. This will sure narrow your search and find out the best company for your appliances.

Licensed company

Today there are many scam companies available. It is more important that you find out the rules and regulations of a company before choosing and here are the simple ways to register for a trademark in the UK, also check they have a valid license.

Based on their Expertise/Professionalism

Always it is better to move with professionals or experts in any particular field which indirectly means their overall experience in the particular area and also finds the equipment they use for testing to ensure your safety.

Top 10 PAT Testing companies in the UK

In no particular order, below is the list comprising of the top 10 PAT Testing companies that are reliable, affordable, and efficient service rendered for large and small businesses in the UK.

  1. Hawkesworth Appliance Testing
  2. Pattest UK
  3. PAT Central
  4. Fused UK
  5. Swift Pat
  6. Flame UK
  7. National PAT Testing
  8. ACE Testing
  9. UKSafety Management
  10. Intersafe

1. Hawkesworth Appliance Testing

Hawkesworth company

Hawkesworth is the UK’s Leading Electrical Equipment Testing company that provides services for appliance testing or full EICR inspection. They work with businesses in all industries of all shapes and sizes. They also provide personal services at an exceptional value. Hawkesworth is one of the reliable workforces in the UK which provides a safe workplace from the first PAT test they started in the year of 1993 and a professional company that ensures the safety of electrical products and also has extended to EICR (Fixed wire Testing).


  • 25 years of experience with 7 million tests the previous year alone.
  • 24/7 testing to work around your business
  • Barcode label record & Fire risk assessments
  • Industry-leading Seaward Apollo 500 testers used
  • Free Reminder About the service
  • Expert advice to maintain your electrical appliances. 

2. Pattest UK

PAT test uk

PAT Test Uk is a nationwide electrical company that specializes itself in appliance testing, instrument calibration, and electrical installations. They are a safe contractor approved and accredited CHAS contractor, an approved stroma contractor, and certified by Constructionline. The works done by PAT TEST Uk adheres to British standards and their works completed meet the ISO 9001 standard.


  • Portable appliance testing to cabling and machinery
  • On-site or laboratory-based calibration of all major testing
  • Fast turnaround available
  • The trusted choice of 1000 companies across the UK
  • Cabling and emergency lighting services
  • Resolve issues Quickly

3. PAT Central

PAT Central

Patcentral is the leading Professional and reliable Electrical services PAT Testing available in the UK. They possess highly skilled and qualified engineers to ensure that their customers receive only high-quality service. PAT Central is registered with the National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting for Quality Assurance. They are also being certified to the ISO 9001:2015 quality management systems, standards, and guidelines.


  • Regular quality control tests
  • DBS Checked
  • Impartial advice and quality of delivery
  • PAT testing & Emergency Lighting Services are offered
  • Possess EICR Certificates

4. Fused UK

Fused PAT testing company UK

Fused UK is the specialized Portable appliance testing (PAT) who render their service UK wide that enables the users to comply with Health and safety, insurance and site survey regulations. They also offer a simple, professional, and cost-effective solutions for electrical testing.


  • Engineers are DBS checked and fully insured
  • Testing is done in accordance with the IEE Code of Practice
  • Provide itemized asset reports, perfect for asset management duties.
  • Free renewal reminder service.
  • Free repair and retesting of minor faults.
  • Free replacement of faulty appliances.

5. Swift Pat

Swift PAT company UK

Swift is again a specialized company in the PAT testing working for more than 7 years and also guarantees that it will be able to beat like-for-like quotes on the market today. Swift uses the latest technology to ensure a reliable service for all your business activities. Swift also enables all companies to comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations, Health & Safety at Work Act & Fire Precautions.


  • Multi-site and multi-skilled
  • Regular inspection
  • Preventive maintenance program
  • Quick and Trusted service
  • Fire Extinguisher Service
  • Fire Alarm Testing
  • Maintenance and Emergency light

6. Flame UK

Flame PAT testing UK

Flame UK is the PAT testing company that provides testing with trained professionals with appropriate experience. They use the latest equipment and do testing regularly to ensure that the products used by the customers are always safe and implies by the Health & Safety Regulations. They support all businesses from small to large businesses from 1 item cover-up and offering nationwide service.


  • Offers free service
  • Reliable and provides extra safety to all appliances
  • No hidden costs and provide discrete service
  • Supports all business in various industry

7. National PAT Testing

National PATTesting

This is one of the UK’s best PAT testing companies available who render service to the various business sectors and striving hard to bring their company to the highest professional and reliable services possible nationwide. They carry out work with various companies including Schools/colleges, hotels, Rented accommodation, and offices. They work with competitive possible rates and services that comply with the Health & Safety regulations in the UK.


  • No hidden costs
  • Support all type of business
  • Do not charge for any minor repairs, fuse changes, or certification of completed works.

8. ACE Testing

ACE Testing company UK

ACE Testing is one of the competitive testing company in the UK which provides cheaper services on PAT Testing with high safety measures. Their service would be highly professional representing great value for money. Also, offer discounts for all types of businesses and household items. Their aim is to enable safety to all electrical appliances and a better working environment for all employees with personalized PAT testing quote.


  • Ensures regular testing of all appliances
  • Also check computers, monitors, and peripherals that require main power
  • Audio and telephone equipment
  • Kettles and microwave ovens.

9. UKSafety Management

UK safety Management

UK Safety Management is the perfect choice of PAT testing service company in the UK, helping people to meet electricity at work regulations and reduce insurance premiums. It provides a specialized process in ensuring the safety measure to appliances that fully comply with UK Health and Safety work directives.


  • Reduced premium insurance
  • Speedy, Cost-Effective and Efficient process
  • Ensuring onsite and offsite equipment is safe to use.
  • Granting Business persons with complete peace of mind
  • Excellent customer service

10. Intersafe

Intersafe PAT testing company UK

Intersafe is the best PAT Testing company that provides bespoke electrical testing solutions to its customers for more than 20 years. They have well experienced and qualified engineers to work with and guarantee the best quality of service. They also provide Fixed Wire Testing and remedial PAT Testing.


  • Thermal Imaging, Emergency light testing and LED Lighting installations
  • Risk Management
  • Provide a high level of safety and comply with rules and regulations

The above mentioned are the top 10 leading PAT Testing companies in the UK which provide good safety levels to all employees, businesses, and even household appliances and work in a tension-free environment. Have a peaceful mind and stay happy in life.