What Industries & Businesses Would Microsoft Business Central Suit? 

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is an incredibly flexible Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution.

Being so versatile means it can be scaled to work for almost any industry, from retail to food, finance to manufacturing – it can be adapted for virtually any business in any industry. With a selection of industry specific add-ons available too, Business Central has become the go-to niche solution. 

Why Business Central Is The Best ERP Solution

It’s fair to say that Microsoft Business Central is the growing number one choice for a large number of businesses, for the simple fact it offers so many strengths, from security to accessibility and functionality. With that in mind, here are a few of Business Central’s strengths that see it being the ERP solution of choice time again.

Microsoft Business Central


Customisability is one of Business Central’s greatest strengths. Business Central is known for offering numerous day-to-day functional tools however this ERP solution also understands each company’s needs are different.

For this reason it offers the ability to customise features where and when needed. With built in intelligent business apps, companies can enjoy add-ons to meet their unique needs. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central really sets itself apart from other Business Management Solutions by making the add-ons almost seamless. 


One way to ensure business management software caters to everyone’s individual needs is to provide flexibility and the industry specific tools available through Business Central offer just that. With these industry specific tools, users can adapt their own systems in order to fit it to their specific needs, allowing them to enjoy data that’s more representative of their business.

Business Central also offers more flexibility in terms of their cloud technology, making data more accessible and putting users in control of how they store/access their data. While Business Central is aimed at Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs), one of its biggest benefits lay in its scalability, making it suitable for a variety of companies regardless of size. 


Last but most certainly not least we have compliance. Business spans the entire globe and more so than ever, people are carrying out business outside of their state/country. Knowing different laws and having software that can adapt to this is paramount.

Business Central happily facilitates this process by allowing users to adjust their settings in order to collect and store data in ways that comply with local legislation. It also allows for reporting in multiple languages and currencies when carrying out business in different geographical locations. 

Contact D365 Experts Today

Contact D365 Experts Today

If you’d like more information on Microsoft Business Central and how this ERP solution can work for your business, within your specific industry, we suggest contacting the D365 Experts today. From financial management to relational management, supply chain management and more; this software was made for you and D365 want to show you how. 

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