Kaspr’s importance in lead generation

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Sales representatives are the first in line of the entire sales process. They are responsible for prospecting, right up to the management of the customer portfolio. Kaspr makes it easy for them to process customer information in the lead generation process.

Lead generation is essential for any sales action 

A sales representative spends about a quarter of his or her working time prospecting for the business. The tools available on the market have been specifically designed to make the operation less complicated.

They allow you to collect prospects and customers’ contact information quickly. The main objective is to start a distance selling campaign. This aims at transforming people interested in a service or a product into loyal customers. This way, the sales representative saves a considerable amount of time and can thus devote more time to the actual sale.

This process can be applied in a B to B campaign, an option that improves the efficiency and productivity of sales teams. It is true that there are a large number of devices for generating contacts and their functionalities are not always identical.

Prospecting via email and phone number

These are the two basic options in terms of customer acquisition with conversion rates that may vary depending on the business sector.

What is cold emailing? 

In this case, contact is made via email. The objective is to send a proposal that could arouse the interest of the prospect who visited your website. This is indeed an inbound strategy, but the contact search approach is similar to the principles of outbound marketing.

This option is interesting as long as you have an effective lead generation strategy.

Cold Calling and its speed of action

The main advantage of this method is that it can lead to an immediate response from the prospect. In any case, in order to put all the chances on your side, the implementation of a well thought-out approach is required. Success is based on key sales arguments and proper timing.

In the past, the two previous techniques were used independently. However, a combination of the two techniques has led to better results. Indeed, data collection is the first step in client acquisition.

The innovation of automated prospecting

Based on the use of artificial intelligence to determine the habits of Internet users, this technique allows sales representatives to save a considerable amount of time. Digital has overtaken consumers’ reflexes in terms of product and service research. Social networks are the main actors of this upheaval.

From now on, the sale is carried out over several stages, focusing on an automatic and personalized process.  This technique facilitates lead generation, with clear improvement in the messages sent, which are personalized.

With this in mind, it is preferable for the sales teams to carry out the automated emailing campaign first and then move on to the calls. Thanks to the prospecting tools available on the market, you won’t have to spend hours looking for your contacts’ contact information.

Kaspr’s Assets 

This prospecting tool retrieves contact information in just a few seconds. For example, you just have to go to the LinkedIn profile of a contact to access his contact information.

kaspr lead generation

In practice, when you search on this social network and ask for the contact information, you will not be provided with confidential information in the databases. Kaspr analyzes the entire web in real time to provide you with relevant results.

In addition, the tool is aimed at both sales representatives and recruiters, whether inbound or outbound marketing, but also inbound or outbound recruiting. It must be said that recruitment is another priority for companies. The search for talent requires the implementation of a recruitment strategy linked to the company’s strategy.

The working principle of this tool

The first step is to download the Kaspr plugin and install the extension on Google Chrome. Then you can browse freely on LinkedIn and go to your contact’s profile. From there, you can obtain his contact information by clicking on the Kaspr widget.

In order to be as precise as possible, the sales representatives integrate different criteria, such as the position or the professional category and the skills required. Of course, the searches concern both individuals and companies.

The reliability percentage will be displayed for each email address and phone number. Reliability is around 95% for emails and 40% for phone numbers. These contact details are to be recorded in the Kaspr dashboard.

It is also possible to automate this search by using LinkedIn filters for example. The coordinates are centralized by the tool on your CRM. This solution allows you to easily enrich your prospect list. The data collected are all legally exploitable, as they are governed by the General Data Protection Regulation (or GDPR). In addition, sales actions can be implemented immediately.

Finally, Kaspr plans to expand the automation of sending messages and invitations on LinkedIn.

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