Growbarato is now GB The Green Brand

Growbarato is now GB The Green Brand

The growth of the cannabis sector comes thanks to both an increase in demand and the success of a continual-development strategy and the launch of branded products. This is the plan followed by Growbarato in order to create their own brand with various categories of products, ensuring a commitment to quality and modernity for both customers and the company itself. This challenge has led to opt for a more current image for their grow shops, as well as changing their name.

As a result, Growbarato is now GB The Green Brand: a change adopted as part of adapting to a new era and breaking the taboos surrounding the world of cannabis, offering excellent customer service with more than 10,000 products related to the growth of cannabis – providing both the best seeds and the most attractive prices on the market, with an excellent distribution network. But, what does this change involve?

What is Growbarato?

Growbarato began their journey in 2011, with the main objective of lowering the costs of cannabis-related products. This goal has allowed them to achieve great success as, ten years later, they find themselves with 40 shops across Spain, and outlets in countries like Colombia, Chile and Mexico. These physical shops are joined by the largest and most popular online grow shop in the country.

Growbarato has become a leading brand, crossing borders and offering a more modern and professional image. This step has allowed the company to consolidate its image as an expert brand on the national and international landscape, celebrating this first decade with an expanding clientele, promotions and a name that better reflects the company’s nature.

Where does the name GB The Green Brand come from

Where does the name GB The Green Brand come from?

GB refers both to Growbarato and Green Brand: a declaration of their aim to break with the past, while presenting the eco-friendly and sustainable side of a business in full expansion. The company offers a variety of products for growing marijuana, as well as highly qualified services, performed by a team of more than 50 professionals in the sector.

GB The Green Brand also offers the option to partner with the brand, investing in a safe and expanding business. A thriving franchise programme with a guaranteed return on investment within a year and a half.

What is Growbarato

What’s more, GB The Green Brand shops offer a modern image, with products that ensure excellent value for money. The letters GB stand for the company’s own brand, with a variety of well-received products in their range. These own-brand products allow the company to become more competitive and adapt better to both customer needs and market trends.

This strategy has allowed GB The Green Brand to progress in this market, implementing the brand’s globalisation process. As such, since 2017, the brand has been making headway in countries in which the cultivation and use of cannabis has been decriminalised, with pilot shops in various countries in both Latin American and the European Union.