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Consumers to Support Small Business

UK consumers

The year 2020 is a crucial year for people all over the world. Due to the pandemic Outbreak of Corona, the entire world had to face various challenges and difficulties in the various sectors to overcome it. Moreover, the world has suffered the worst GDP ratio, that too particularly in the UK the GDP has collapsed nearly 20% in Q2 in the historic Covid hit. As this is the case, in the UK the campaigners and small business representatives had asked the shoppers or consumers to contemplate the vendors who struggle a lot due to covid and violate the Amazon Prime day.

There are alternate ideas and for a business, a startup in the UK, and succeed in the same.

support small business

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the tech monster has planned to host its annual prime day event with nearly thousands of alluring bargains, which would be half the price for many products. The small business owners find it very difficult to compete with amazon after the lockdown.

Moreover, online shoppers must think about the cost to the public services before the checkout because Amazon avoids paying taxes but the profit they gain due to this great event is more and incomparable. This kind of great sale event happens in the month of July. Initially started in the year of 2015 and it goes on well after that. Amazon prime day is a flash sale of most of the technology products.

Amazon prime day event last year was the greatest shopping event in the company’s history where they sold nearly 100,000 laptops,1 million toys, and 200,000 televisions which had the largest ROI. To avail of this advantageous offer, people should be a prime member and it costs $79 per year. However, on the reverse, many of the small business owners have not yet started or opened back their shops after the lockdown and they face many issues in their day-to-day life. Apart from all these, if consumers support the amazon prime day event then the life of the small business owners would be a great question mark.

What is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day

Amazon Prime day is the summer version of “Black Friday” which is only for the Amazon Prime members. The term Black Friday initially started in America, the day after thanksgiving.

25 years back, Amazon started a small website offering books to a monstering eCommerce site that surpasses sales at America’s departmental stores, grocery stores, and restaurant chains combined. Amazon covers almost half of all eCommerce sales that surpass all Giant companies. In addition, the company is valued at over $1.5 trillion, which is more than Florida’s entire 2019 GDP.

Few reasons to shun Amazon Prime day Event

  • Amazon is an integrated company, which means it does not sell other products; it creates and sells stuff its own product. This would certainly be tough for all competitors since amazon has the capability to see what goods are sold out well and then swoop it and start selling those goods alone.
  • Many researchers at Columbia University have noted that vertical integration would harm consumers a lot also reduce economic efficiency.
  • Due to Corona, people mostly prefer the online shopping that too with amazon Prime Day offer and gets benefited. But this would certainly affect all the UK retailers and small business owners. This is the reason why they insist people shun Amazon Prime day and support small businesses in the UK.
  • Moreover, in this great event Amazon would sell the products up to half of the original price,  attracts the people to purchase products but in turn, affects the businessperson and the retailers. As many of the retailers had thought of increasing the price of few products due to the pandemic and increase their sales.
  • Even the British Independent Retailers Association (BIRA) had asked the consumers to support the small business retailers, which is more important, and more worth right now, and which will increase the economy of the country.
  • In addition, few ethical consumers boycotts Amazons great deal offer based on avoidance in Taxpaying. Apart from this, Amazon has a much dubious record of issues including workers’ rights and the environment.
  • The managers are violating social distancing and they speed up the process to achieve the target.

Economy growth

So based on all these factors the campaigners and small business owners urge the UK people to think better about the purchase on Amazon like is it Really needed and how it benefits the society and environment in all aspects. On the other hand, if they think twice and spend money on purchasing from the retailers it would benefit both the retailers as well as the country’s economy rate.

In addition to all these, a UK union has warned that the “Amazon Prime Day event” may be a “hive of infection” because eight people tested positive for covid-19 at a warehouse in Coventry. The campaigns had asked consumers to boycott the Prime day event over Amazon’s business practice and workers of Germany went on strike.

Many ethical brand names pay a fairer rate of tax including richer sound and lush cosmetics. Therefore, consumers make use of these ethical companies, make the purchases, and feel happier.

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