Google Algorithm Update and it’s Impact on SEO in 2020

2020 Google Ranking and its Impact in SEO
2020 Google Ranking and its Impact in SEO

Vital Role of Google Search Engine

According to Global Marketing, when considered to the usage of best Search Engines in the world or the net market share, Google possesses a maximum number of shares which is around 74% when compared to others like Yahoo, Bing, and BAIDU, etc…which holds around 10 to 20% of shares with the recent update of Search Engine Statistics. So based on these statistics we could conclude that almost all people would like to rank their web page searches to be in the top 10 of the first page of Google search. We still wonder, how Google ranking has greater looks and feels? it is all because of its update and accuracy according to the current technology each and every second.

Moreover, Google has also updated its Guidelines for image publishing in the year 2018  and it has a tremendous improvement in the marketing field. Always google expects Good Quality Content “Content King”, along with which it considers various other factors that are involved in a webpage.

You should be keen on Google Updates else it will be difficult to push your website ranking on top of Google Search Results.

Google’s Motive, is to organize the world’s information and present it in a catchy way that makes easy accessibility for the people and also useful for them. The working principle of Google in SEO is,

  • Crawl the web
  • Add optimized pages and Catalog
  • Finally, Manifest Best Results

Algorithm update Vs SEO Ranking

Every year, there is a fervor amongst us to know the updation of google and change the strategies and content accordingly such that  SEO ranking is high. More than 3.6 billion searches are made every day on Google, and there are various factors that affect the SEO ranking based on Google’s update. As we all know that the “Google Algorithm update”every year brings a great impact on the SEO ranking, With no surprise, this year also Google had rolled out an algorithm on January 23rd, which is named “Featured snippet algorithm”.Here you could find Google’s Algorithm update history and understand how Google ranking is faster and stands always top. The simple principle that google follows is to focus on the accuracy and scope up to date.

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Source: lyfemarketing[.]com/blog/google-ranking-factors

What is Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?

The term SEO means making the web search better with exact or relevant content and to retrieve it faster according to the user needs. Actually, the term “Ranking” in SEO refers to the content’s position in the “Search Engine Result Page”(SERP).

Evaluation of Google Search Ranking:

Usually, when people want to find some information, they type words related to what they look for. Those words are said to be “Keywords”, which is considered as one of the factors in content optimization. But Search Engine, not only considers the keywords but the Quality of information speaks out.

As an overview, mentioned below are few Ranking Factors that are tested with the updated google algorithm and  SEO ranking is being evaluated on the same basis. They are

  • On-Page and Off-Page Optimization
  • Usage of the page
  • Reliability and Expertise
  • Quality of Content and Content Creator
  • Website and Creator Reputation
  • Site Trust, Authority and Optimization
  • Anchor Text of Backlinks
  • Traffic and Click through Data
  • Social Graphs and Metrics
  • Data Performance on Mobile optimization

Based on the rating factors above, Google shows searchers the most relevant, high-quality results related to what they’re looking for. The most relevant are shown first, with the rest being shown over successive pages.

Here are a few Guidelines to follow the Factors of google and Provide good and optimized content to your site which makes a better SEO Ranking based on SERP.

Quality Content:

  • Content should provide real value to the search made
  • It should include various media types rather than Text
  • Longer content tends to perform better, with proper meaning(Semantic Search) and Quantity.
  • Always have updated content on the site.


Backlinks act as one of the Stong Website ranking signals that Google completely relies upon sorting the results.

The more links you have from multiple high-authority domains, the more likely it is that your site contains useful, quality content. Hence, you get to rank higher for a given keyword.

investing some time and resources to put together a robust backlink strategy in 2020 will be a great optimization move.

Mobile Optimization:

mobile optimization
mobile optimization

Still, now, many users search from their mobile phones such as the iPhone and expect the accuracy as in case of Desktop.

So your webpage should have a userfriendly view and have greater mobility which makes ranking still better.

Ranking your website on top of search results will give you good traffic than on desktops. But it depends on the niche that your post comes under.

Schema optimization:

Nevertheless, Schema Optimization may have the least priority but it is also an important ranking factor considered, which helps the Search Engine Algorithms understand the Specific pieces of data in a better way.

Schema markup involves various keys like Address, Phone number, reviews which all considered as a local SEO term.

The above mentioned are a few ranking factors that make the website rank good. But still, there are many factors that directly influence the webpage ranking. So before, Launching the website be aware of the terms and strategy that makes your website rank in the top of the Google Search Engine.