Why you need up to date of Google Update to maintain website ranking?

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Google Algorithms are considered a tricky and complex system. It is associated with many things to work in an accurate way. The motto of this system is retrieving data from the search index and imparting best possible results instantly as per the users’ search query. Whenever a searcher searches anything putting the keyword in the search engine box, he gets results according to the Google Algorithms. 

Have you ever thought that how actually search engine works? On what basis, it makes you have a result. The results you find on the first page while searching something appears as per the Google Algorithms. The search engine always goes with a combination of algorithms. Moreover, it also follows numerous ranking signals in order to deliver web pages ranked by relevance on its SERPs.

Google updates must not be avoided since they play a major role to enhance your visibility at the forefront. Here, we are going to talk about how Google Algorithm works? Let us check it out more about it in a detailed manner.

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Google Update and Its Significance For Website Ranking 

Google updates are important and they need to follow in order to add needed changes in the SEO. In the starting, Google used to have only a handful algorithms update. It used to be quite convenient.  The reason for having a handful of algorithms updates at that time was less competition, as there were no many websites on the internet. Now the time has changed completely and we know how many websites are emerging on the website every year. Google is coming up with a number of changes every year. 

Digital Marketing Company in Noida also says that most of these updates are not so important or affect your SEO and that is why they are circumvented. Make sure that you are going to choose the right platform to get your marketing done in a professional manner. They will do marketing of your site following these updates so that you can rule out at the forefront. But if they are followed sophisticatedly then great results could be achieved. Google updates are amazingly important for your site’s SEO and Webmasters. These algorithm changes, data refreshes, and other alterations are most often blamed when your website starts losing its ranking. 

How Google Updates Are Rolled Out 

Most updates are kicked off manually. It means they are only followed for Google’s individual country. Talking about some updates such as Penguin Updates or Panda Update, they are considered as the “core algorithm” of Google. They are regarded as quite integral to the search engine since now these Google Updates are developed automatically and continuously. Now, they are updated no longer manually. Now, Google introduces more than 600 adaptations and new updates every year. Most of them are not noticed or followed.

Google Updates that put a major impact on the SERP’s are many including Pigeon, Hummingbird, EMD, Page Layout Algorithm, Panda, Rank brain, Penguin, Fred and so on. It is quite essential to remain updated about Google Algorithm so that your website ranking would not go down. 

google ranking updatesWhat Makes Google Algorithm So Important To Follow 

World Wide Web has changed our life completely. Google Algorithm is quite complex. You cannot make your site at first page in the search engine just by stuffing the keywords. Google’s Algorithm does not work like this. Google Algorithm gives a rank to each page following various factors. It also notices how many times a keyword has appeared on the page. Higher ranked pages always come first on Google’s search engine results. 

Most people get confused if keyword really helps in this context or not. Here, we are going to mention that Keyword Placement portrays a major role that how Google fetches your website. Google always go with keywords all across your Web Page. However, sometimes, they look for other things too. For example, the Title of Webpage must be creative and attention fetching to enhance your rank. Google also notices what keyword has been stuffed into headings. Apart from it, how a keyword has been dispersed also matters a lot. Webmasters should also avoid using the same keywords in abundance. But still, some people prefer to put a lot of keywords all across the page.

Make sure that you are putting the informative content on your site to fetch more attention. Your visitors always want to read informative and logically correct content. And Google appreciates when the user-oriented content is put on the website. The digital marketing professionals do follow the sophisticated method to grab all about Google Algorithm so that your site would get needed rank. It is quite important to follow these rules and guidelines so that expected results could be churned out.


Professional digital marketing companies always keep a close eye over the Google Updates in order to grab the desires results. So, what are you waiting for? Do hire the best platform.


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