Good & bad impacts of social media on kids 

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The digital social world has been immensely popular over the last couple of decades. Nowadays, everyone has got digital citizenship and love to use social messaging apps, websites and instant messengers no time ever before. However, there are good and bad impacts of social media on kids. There is no doubt that social media have plenty of advantages but at the same time, bad impacts on kids are on the rise over the years. 

Therefore, parents have become concerned to make sure kids and teens social media safety. Let’s discuss the good and the bad impacts of social media and further how parents can protect kids from online social world dangers. 

Good Impacts of social media on kids

Social media these days is one of the most crucial activities of the modern youth who own their mobile phone devices connected to the internet. Social media empowers young users to get digital citizenship and as well as to be a competent citizen in the digital age. So, they would be able to interact with the digital society where they can make their new friends and got skills of the modern generation. They will be able to have an online network by making friends and acquaintances. 

impacts of social media on kids

Generally, social media platforms seem negative when it comes to young kids and teens are using it. However, it empowers young children to socialize with friends with ones they love to talk remotely. Young adolescents over the years have developed a new sense of creativity to express their creative thoughts to interact with the broader audience. Today, young children can create groups online on social media for studies to interact with each other with several members. They can instantly talk with each other about studies. 

Social media has changed the course of the learning process of children. In past times, parents are the ones whom kids watch regularly and try to do things. Nowadays, social media has introduced peer-based learning methods, where they get the influence of their friends.

So, they interact online with each other and respond instantly that impact on their learning process. Today young kids are keener to learn things from friends rather than to learn from peers because they are more techs –savvy compared to the adults. Everything they learn online or from social media and different people apart from their parents and school teachers. 

Social media is the best communication tools for kids and teens these days. They use social media apps and instant messengers all day long and further do texting, conversations, share birthday photos, videos and wish their friends on occasions.

Bad Impacts of social media on kids

There are plenty of things that haunting parents about the social media safety of the children. They are living in a hyper-sexualized world. Furthermore, they are harboring sexual fantasies on their cellphones through social media and doing dangerous social media challenges. However, cyber predators hunting teens and kids online in terms of bullying online, stalkers, and sexual predators that are huge nightmares for children obsessed with the digital world. Young teens have started using social messaging apps and instant messengers as dating platforms and getting engaged with strangers online to have hookups in real –life. Teens are sharing their photos in a sexual suggestive possess. This type of sharing becomes shaming at the end of the day and teens become the victims of slut-shaming no time ever before. Kids also have got health issues due to the excessive use of social media apps such as depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders. 

social media and kids

How to protect kid’s from social media bad impacts 

Parents can protect young teens and teens from social media bad impacts but they have to use parental monitoring software on teen’s to track a cell phone devices. Phone parental control will empower parents to keep an eye on kids and teens social media activities using live screen recording app. However, parents also can get the logs of major social media platforms in terms of messages, text conversations, shared photos, videos and others alike. 


There is no doubt that social media platforms have advantages in terms of free communication and kids should use it. However, the bad impacts of social media can harm young teens and children, but you can use spying app for android  to make sure social media safety.



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