Travel tips that can help you maximise your trips 

Travel tips that can help you maximise your trips 

Lesser-known but extremely useful travel tips that can help you maximise your trips

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, there’s certainly no shortage of travel guides out there providing tips and recommendations on how to make your travel experience smoother. While the advice they provide is indeed useful, most of these guides repeat the same information, addressing things like how to structure your itinerary, the essential items you need to take with you, or the best way to pack your luggage

This means you’re probably familiar with the basics of smart travel and have read about the most common tricks and the mistakes you should avoid when going on a trip countless times before. And the truth is that most of these guides leave out a lot of crucial information. The reality of travelling looks a lot different than what they describe, but you don’t know that until you go out there and see it for yourself. 

So, if you don’t want to learn the hard way, here’s a list of lesser-known yet highly effective tips that can help you avoid unpleasant situations and improve comfort and safety while travelling.  

Check important information twice 

Just because you’ve travelled before doesn’t mean you know everything there is to know about your next trip. Even experienced travellers can make rookie mistakes if they get too relaxed or smug about their trip-planning skills.  

Check important information twice 

Things might have changed since the last time you went on a vacation, or new rules may have been introduced that could affect your trip in one way or another. That’s why you need to update your knowledge and check important information twice before you start making plans. For example, you should always check on customs restrictions and entry requirements for the country you are visiting, or keep up to date with Manchester airport parking options and fees to avoid unexpected situations and inconveniences.   

Don’t let preconceptions influence your perception 

When travelling to a new destination, most people already have a mental image of the places they’re going to visit and set their expectations accordingly. Well, in most cases, these assumptions are proved wrong when you get there. Sometimes things are worse than expected, and other times they are much better. 

That’s because more often than not, the perception you have about a certain location is usually based on preconceived ideas and stereotypes. When travelling to Paris you might expect locals to treat you with the famous French-style rudeness, or you might think that most Germans lack humour and are unapproachable, only to discover that none of these labels apply. It’s best to keep an open mind when travelling and allow yourself to explore and discover the local culture freely. 

Get clear on what you want 

If you’re travelling for leisure, you need to figure out exactly what you want your trip to look like. Travel should be about discovering places that spark your curiosity and imagination, doing things that excite and inspire you and spending your time in a way that fulfils you. You shouldn’t feel pressured to choose a certain destination or engage in all sorts of activities just because everybody else seems to do that or every guidebook you’ve read recommends it. 

If all you want is to lie on a quiet beach and bathe in the sea for the entirety of your vacation, that’s exactly what you should do. Conversely, if you want to explore and discover new places, you shouldn’t hesitate to visit as many as you can. Get clear on your travel wants and needs and use your time wisely. 

Leave everything in order

All travel guides focus on the things you need to do to plan your trip, from destination and accommodation to transportation and activities, but no one talks about what you’re leaving behind. Keep in mind that a trip only lasts so long and soon enough you’ll get back home to your normal routine, and it’s always preferable to return to a perfectly organised life. 

So, instead of having your home look like a tornado passed through and leaving tons of unfinished business that will haunt you during your vacation, you should make time to take care of some basic chores before you set off. From tidying up your home and programming the thermostat to cleaning the refrigerator and making arrangements for Stansted parking to keep your car safe while you’re away, pre-travel tasks can provide comfort and peace of mind.  

Wear comfortable shoes 

Wear comfortable shoes 

Wearing comfortable shoes while travelling is not exactly ground-breaking advice, but you’d be surprised at how many people ignore this common-sense rule. Sometimes, holidaymakers are much more concerned about their clothes and creating stylish travel outfits that they completely forget about the practical aspects. 

Travelling means you’re going to walk a lot and be on your feet for the better part of the day, so wearing uncomfortable or poorly fitted shoes can turn your trip into a painful experience, not to mention it can cause all sorts of health issues such as bunions, calluses and even fractures. So, do yourself a favour and choose a good pair of shoes – and maybe consider getting ones that are also waterproof. 

Take your time 

When travelling, people often feel the urge to see and do as many things as possible, in an attempt to make good use of every single minute of their trip. However, if you treat your travel experience like a long list of things you need to check off, you risk missing out on a lot of great things. 

If you really want to make the most of your time away, try to be in the moment and give yourself enough time to take in and enjoy all the wonderful things around you. Replace the mad tourist rush with a slower pace and you’ll have a much more fulfilling travel experience. 

Hopefully, these tips can offer a new perspective on travel and help you prepare better for your upcoming adventures.