How to increase your productivity while working from home? 

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There are several benefits that a working-from-home job offers, like having comfort, more flexibility and a better work-life balance. Besides the advantages, there are also some downsides you need to be aware of. In many cases, flexibility eventually turns into a complete lack of organisation with a chaotic setting and many distractions that keep you from managing your tasks. If you keep zoning out of your activities or reading the same email multiple times because you can’t pay attention, then it may be the time to change how you do your work. 

The good news is that there are ways to improve your productivity and maintain your concentration throughout the day. Here are some of them.

Create a morning routine

Many think they should skip their morning routine because they work from home. But morning habits remain a must because they will prepare you for the following activities and help get into the work mindset. Thus, you will be more productive and focused during the day. A good idea is to wake up at the same time every day because you will create a pattern that will help your brain conserve energy. Your morning work routine should feel like second nature for your body to not let yourself be tempted to snooze your alarm when the time to wake up comes. We know it is hard to leave bed, and although sometimes five more minutes of sleep feel like heaven, you will pay later with your lack of concentration. Consider exercising in the morning or taking a quick walk to get fresh air to improve your attention span. Don’t forget to have time for yourself, drink your coffee, and eat breakfast. Dress in a comfortable outfit, but it should be different from your lounge clothes because they will instinctively put a relax-at-home mindset, and you don’t want that.

Create a morning routine

Organise a proper workspace

Because you work from home, having a proper setup to remove yourself virtually from the personal part of your life is very important. Although we admit it can be tempting to grab your laptop and do your tasks from bed, this will only reduce focus and productivity, not to mention the poor posture, which can result in health problems later. You might also consider more breaks than usual if you don’t have a special desk. 

So, to reduce the possibility of having less concentration, you should organise a proper workspace in a quiet environment without distractions. This will set a clear boundary between relaxation and work, and you will keep your productivity high.

Take breaks

Regular breaks should be part of your working schedule, especially when working from home, but this also applies to a typical workspace. A break will make you feel refreshed physically and mentally and reduce the possibility of burnout. Also, you should change the environment when taking a break. For example, your balcony is the best place to unwind, as you can access another view and get some fresh air. Make sure your balcony has a relaxing sitting area, and decorate it nicely to enjoy the time spent here. Choose lots of pillows, blankets, paintings and beautiful balcony planters for your flowers.

Be surrounded by plants

Plants improve mental health, stimulate the mind, boost creativity, and ease everyday stress. Because you work from home, you need to focus on your tasks for an extended time, which can lead to mental fatigue. By seeing a plant occasionally, you can redirect your attention, recharge your batteries and increase your performance. This doesn’t mean that you should move all the flowers in your workspace. But you can bring some of your balcony pots and place a plant or two on your desk. They will help you be more productive and less stressed. 

Limit interruptions

No matter how brief interruptions are, they will still break your focus. You can’t remove them all, but you can keep them to a minimum to decrease the impact that they have on your work. Our phones are the main distractors when working, and we all know it. Although you don’t need to keep your mobile in another room, you can still manage the interruptions it gives by turning off your notifications and everything unrelated to work. Thus,  you will focus better without having messages appearing on your screen every minute. This initiative should be adopted to improve your well-being because you are the one who will suffer the consequences later, from losing concentration to having headaches.

Limit interruptions

Listen to music

Music boosts productivity and enhances your overall vibe by increasing your dopamine level and making your work more enjoyable. It is essential to choose the right songs for you; it can be either sound of nature or familiar music, as it doesn’t require focus. You should avoid fast music or songs you hate because they can disturb your concentration. Create a playlist but keep in mind some techniques to help you achieve productivity, so start with chill tunes, and then you can transition to more powerful songs. Either way, you should only listen to what you like and what will increase your productivity.

Final words

You can improve your work concentration while working from home in several ways. Occasionally it may be tempting to skip your morning routine or work from your bed, but you need the proper mindset when starting your day. Workdays are not the same, so sometimes, it is good not to be always so hard on yourself. Try to be the best version each day, take some breaks, surround yourself with good music and plants, and your productivity will surely improve.

Sarah Cantley

Editorial Head at UK Blog for Business & Startup.

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