How My Decision to Transform My life Turned into a Fully Operating Business.

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There is no single successful business that ever started with the pure intent to gain, but there are millions of those that started with the intent to give.

Being pretty much a spiritual person I’ve always believed that success is where love is, everything you do should come with love. Don’t know if it works for everyone, but at least it worked for me.

Today I would love to share a story of how I started my own business and hope to inspire many of you to follow my path, get rid of all the fears, and go with the dedication to succeed. So, let me tell you a few words about me. My name is Yulia, I am a CEO and a founder of Accendii, a marketing agency, and a Personal Branding platform.

Accendii Yulia

Before starting my own business I was in a situation where I didn’t know exactly what’s next, but I was sure that working on a full-time job was not for me. I had a passion to learn and grow but didn’t know exactly what I was going to do with the knowledge and experience I gained during my career in sales, acting, and MBA courses.

The solution came on its own, from where I didn’t expect. Previously I used to help organize and produce creative marketing campaigns, so I had experience in developing and implementing strategies. Later on, I realized the importance of a Personal Brand that can help guarantee success for most businesses.

So, here is where I have decided to start working on my own brand. I have taken plenty of mentoring, coaching courses, hired professionals for me, who helped me visualize my future personal brand, highlight my strong sides and get rid of fears and weaknesses.

It took me a couple of years to get where I am right now. There were plenty of mistakes made and plenty of brilliant ideas discovered, but I can tell that everything was worth the game. During my personal transformation, I’ve realized that not only it can be profitable, but can truly bring people a lot of benefits.

First of all, it helps you raise your confidence, start feeling differently, grows feelings of self-worth, discover your passions, experience, as well as generally help you become more motivated. Secondly, it gives you the power to influence opinion. Obviously, every personal brand is built upon the special request and the needs. No matter what the target is when done the right way it can transform your future and help you succeed, saving you a lot of life.

That is once I had this realization I decided that I should really help people develop their own personal brands, here is how I started Accendii, the first platform for personal branding and an agency. All of it was based on my personal experience with professionals, who help you develop a personal brand. I wanted this process to become as transparent and as mild as possible for the potential client. I also wanted to educate clients on the importance of personal branding.


The goal is to provide high-quality accessible services within the price range that you desire. At the moment I have an agency where we work with top clients, industry professionals, business people, bloggers, and a platform, where everyone can find a specialist that can serve their needs. On our platform, everything is absolutely open. Specialists can register, share information about themselves, set pricing plans, and give details of their services. Everything is absolutely transparent.

In the first place, I was only thinking about running a platform and making all of it about purely connecting specialists with clients, however, while I and my team were developing our venture, we realized that the market is also demanding high-quality tailored services. That there is a trend on individualization and personalized approach. Therefore, I made a decision to also start running an agency business.

As an agency I work with different clients, even including businesses that need help with marketing. The process is so easy, a client is offered a package within their needs and goals. Everything is tailored, we do not offer purely standardized packages. Right now we offer different solutions, although most of them are still focused on personal branding. At the moment it seems that marketing services are at their peak. We help people run their social media accounts, produce video content and run PR campaigns.

Soon I will be launching my own YouTube channel, where I’ll interview industry leaders and famous people living in London. The task is to exchange knowledge and educate people on the Internet. I truly believe that the earlier you start the quicker you can become successful.

Powerful ideas are born when you know your self-worth and feel calm, confident, and successful. That is why a personal brand is absolutely essential to becoming a leader. As well as your experience as a client; the closer you are to customer experience the better service you will be able to deliver. That is why my personal transformation journey has turned into a business idea, I knew from the beginning how I wanted this business to work.

No matter what you’ll be offering yourself, but if at least sometimes inside of you, you have this itch, do not hesitate, go and research. If you have this feeling and confidence to say that you know how something can be done better than it already is, do it. Make it happen. This is the only way you can lead. If it can now transform your life, so it can then transform our future.

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