SMEs relied on new technology and fleet digitalisation through COVID, study reveals

SMEs relied on new technology and fleet digitalisation through COVID, study reveals

New data collected by fleet tracking supplier, Vimcar, reveals that 81% of UK SMEs adapted their business in the last 12 months, with 41% embracing new technology.

Out of those who chose to digitalise through COVID, 1 out of 3 SMEs focused on digitalising their fleet allowing them to become more efficient (45%), save money (33%) and meet customer demands (36%).

Learning how to digitalise your fleet

In light of their recent findings, Vimcar will now offer a free webinar during the first week of July, to show other businesses easy ways to digitalise their fleets.

The webinar will centre around the three benefits of fleet digitalisation, as highlighted by SMEs: becoming more efficient, saving money and meeting customer demands.

What is fleet digitalisation?

Participants in the survey that did focus on fleet digitalisation identified fleet tracking and vehicle management software as the new technology they invested in.

Vehicle management software allows businesses to track fleets’ fuel usage and general compliance whilst fleet tracking allows companies to provide customers with ETAs, ensure that only the closest driver attends customer appointments and helps businesses respond instantly to last-minute jobs.

A combination of the two technologies can help companies run more efficiently, save money and improve customer service. 

SMEs’ Road To Recovery 

Less than a third (30%) of businesses are optimistic about business growth over the next 12 months, with only 16% of SMEs in the North East having an optimistic outlook. Future coronavirus restrictions and supply issues are sited the biggest worries.

That said, just as technology was important throughout COVID, 1 in 3 survey participants believe that digitalisation will be vital in overcoming the challenges ahead.

Specifically, 33% will look to invest in customer service tools, another 33% in fleet tracking and fleet management tools and 28% in e-commerce.

For the surveys main findings, take a look at the infographic below:

sme survey