Self Control: An Elegance of your Mind Power

Self Restraint
Enhance Mind Power

Widespread Self Control Theory

To be a successful human being in this world, one should possess good habits and behavior which in turn leads to Good Discipline, Self-control.

“If Wealth is lost nothing is lost

If Health is lost something is lost

If Character is lost everything is Lost”

So one should always remember this proverb and act accordingly. To be a good person to society, one’s character should be Good and his thoughts and ideas will automatically be good. Moreover, it is not only important to be a good person to society, if one wants to achieve his Goals then naturally he should be a self-controlled person.

Trump Card of self-Control

Self-Control is a Cognitive skill that one can learn and develop from a therapist or by reading a book or doing Yoga. Self-management Techniques would help you to control your feeling in life and motivate yourself to balance your life in a simple way. Generally, a Self-controlled person will be able to manage all kinds of situations and will know to tackle the problems in a cool manner. Their “vision and mission” would be very clear and Distinctive.

Think out of the box
Optimistic in life

Self-Management techniques are nowadays termed as Self Control. He/She would certainly be an optimistic person. It is not that easy to be a self-control person. In the beginning, it would be very difficult for an individual to train himself as a self-control person (Practice Practice Practice….). One has to undergo a lot of struggles to inculcate patience in him and control him. But once you are used to this strategy you would be adapted to even a very hard situation. You will be the “King” of yourself.

Intention to be self-controlled

The purpose to be a self-controlled person is plenty that helps an individual in various ways in all circumstances. If an individual has control over himself then damp sure he would be happier in all situations. For example, Stress, anxiety, Depression, /excessive anger that deals with psychological problems similarly in an occupation or whatever an individual is involved in his life. To be very simple it would help in all his day to day activities.

happy life
Stress-free Happy life

As Remez Sasson quoteLearning to control your reactions, saves you a lot of explaining, regretting, and apologizing”. If a man is able to control himself, he is the Conqueror of himself nobody else can defeat him.

Various Circumstances where Self Control strategies are to be applied

The strategy should be applied when there is a dramatic change in one’s behavior. Either it could be Behavioral deficiency (failure to engage in positive) or behavioral excess (Engage in a negative manner). These both would lead to risks. So in these cases, one should have control over himself as said before and move in the right path. If he does have control it is not only a failure to him but also for the entire society. Generally speaking, when an individual is not able to control himself it would lead to Criminal activities, says psychological Statistics. When there is an Environmental Change people get affected and automatically they lose their control and fall into some unwanted issues and face lots of risks. So, one should always be normal and take things as it comes that would always lead to success.

Few methods to imply Self Control Strategies are

Monitoring Yourself

Self-monitoring helps one to become an expert in judging their own behavior and moreover, it makes habits less difficult to Govern and change.

Setting a Goal

All humans will have an Ambition or Goal in life and they work hard to achieve it. But the way they act to achieve it would be totally different. If a person is cool and calm and his mind would be more active and work very fast which in turn would help them to achieve the Goal very soon.


The self-assessment is an essential part of performance evaluation because it’s an opportunity for you to assess your own achievements. You own the performance appraisal. Based on your evaluation you could change yourself in a better way than before and move ahead in the right path. It is also a strong “Motivation Technique” which many of us don’t follow.

Manage stress

Stopping and taking a few deep breaths helps your heart rate slow down, which helps you relax at the moment. Stress management has become a major factor nowadays. Make sure to exercise regularly, eat well and make sure you’re getting enough sleep. It all improves focus, cognitive function, and health.

So to conclude here, I had given some simple tips to develop self-control in you by various simple methods and the significance of why self-control is most needed now in this stressful world. At least from now start developing it and let us have a stress free society in the future. Let our younger generation start inculcating it.