Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin – Experts Recommended

Plugin for Amazon Affiliate

Amazon affiliates are otherwise termed as “Amazon Associates” that help you to make money online and monetize your website or blog easily. Are you looking for or planning to start an online business or small business then you can certainly prefer this Amazon affiliate program. If you are a blogger or a website owner then it is free for you to become an Amazon Associates. The step-by-step procedure in detail for an Amazon Associate is very simple and starts in no time.

Since it is an ever-growing industry and there exists heavy competition, it is left up to you to make sure that you convert all your site visitors into customers. So keeping in this mind and to help you in this need here I had listed out the Best Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin that maximizes your conversions and make sure that you do not face a loss in potential sales.

Need for Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

In general, there are thousands of WordPress Plugin that help you to enhance your Amazon Affiliate Website, increase productivity, and also take your affiliate marketing to the next level that reduces the manual tasks carried over. So now, let us discuss among the top leading WordPress plugins available.

Leading Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugins

  1. AAWP
  2. Thirsty Affiliates
  3. Azon Press
  4. Wzone
  5. EasyAzon
  6. Amazon Auto Links
  7. Amazon Simple Admin


AAWP Plugin for Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin is the best suitable for affiliate marketers. Using this plugin, you will be able to provide up to date information to the visitors, i.e. all the information related to products would be refreshed automatically. It helps with flexible configuration and easy customization.

Core Functions


  • Text links
  • Single or multiple product boxes
  • Bestseller
  • New Releases
  • Geo Targeting-handle foreign visitors
  • Promote Amazon Products Profitably
  • Coding knowledge not needed
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Increase in click-through rates and revenue.


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2. Thirsty Affiliates

Thirsty Affiliates Plugin

Thirsty Affiliates is one of the best WordPress link management plugin used. If you are a website owner and looking for a great plugin that enhances your affiliate marketing then this plugin would be the great choice since it allows the owners to add, manage, and easily insert affiliate links to the posts and pages.

Core Functions


  • Branded URL’s
  • Easy insertion of links
  • Easier link management
  • Auto linking keywords
  • Link categories


  • Geolocation Links
  • Automatic 404 checker
  • Smart Uncloaking
  • Proactive Link fixer
  • Amazing reports
  • Amazon products API


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3. Azon Press

Azon Press WordPress Plugin

Azon Press is yet another WordPress plugin, which has similar functionality as that of AAWP. It provides the users various tools with various functionalities to be specific it helps the users to create a detailed product display and product comparisons both traditional product tables and side by side comparison tables. In addition, it enhances the traffic towards the best product.

Core Functions


  • High Yield Amazon Affiliate links and management
  • Reliable tracking and Geo-targeting
  • Customized layouts
  • Easy integration & versatile linking


  • Affordable pricing
  • Shortcode enabled
  • Easy to install and customize
  • Bestseller lists


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4. Wzone

Wzone WordPress Plugin

Wzone WordPress plugin is the one, which supports the WooCommerce store based on Amazon. Helps the users in many ways, one of the best is that, allows you to automatically synchronize Amazon products as WooCommerce Products otherwise termed as Pseudo Dropshipping. Secondly permits you to make an arrangement such that customers purchase products from your site directly, which requires more manual effort and need not rely on Amazon Associate Commission but you will have full control over your margins.

Core Functions


  • Automatic content spinner for products
  • Sync and import products without API Keys
  • API Compatibility
  • Amazon Associate Earnings Report
  • Wzone Badges/Flags
  • Wzone String Translation
  • Speed optimization
  • Synchronization
  • Amazon Recommendations
  • Support Added for eBay Provider
  • Product import statistics


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5. EasyAzon

EasyAzon WordPress Plugin

EasyAzon is the user-friendly plugin, which helps to create Amazon Affiliate Links within your WordPress Editor easily. It has the capability to work with any Amazon Locale and let the users spin the affiliate text links as needed without any need to go through the manual and follow the list of steps.

Core Functions


  • Automated Affiliate link cloaking
  • Product Popups
  • Add to cart Functionality
  • Support multiple affiliate tracking ID’s
  • Product quick view
  • Automatic link Localization
  • Optimized


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6. Amazon Auto Links

Amazon auto links plugin

Doing your work manually, like searching for products and pasting the affiliate links? Are you tired of doing it? Then here is the solution for you. Yes, the Amazon Auto links provide you a greater solution. The only thing you have to do is just pick the categories that suit your site, the plugin will automatically display the links each day coming from Amazon. If you want to search for a specific product then that option is also available with this plugin.

Core Functions


  • Supports 14 Amazon locales
  • Insert Ad’s as Widgets
  • Design your own template and layout with PHP
  • Easy Migration
  • You can generate more income with minimal effort
  • Automatic insertion in posts and feeds
  • Auto link conversion
  • Filter unwanted products
  • Easy customization


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7. Amazon simple Admin

Amazon simpleadmin plugin

By the name, it indicates that it would be simple and easy to implement. One of the best plugin by WordPress that makes the work simpler and easier to insert Amazon Products in WordPress using Shortcodes. The usage of API with this plugin indicates that it is automatically synchronized with Amazon.

Core Functions


  • Different Templates to display products
  • Supports Amazon PA API 5.0
  • Support Product Preview Layer
  • Error handling options
  • Bestseller lists
  • SEO Ready
  • Design your own product templates
  • Backend Translation available


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The above mentioned are the few leading WordPress Plugin for Amazon Affiliate among the many available, using which you can enhance the earnings in affiliate marketing.