Organic marketing in 2022 – how can brands use it to improve their findability

Organic marketing in 2022

The public has expectations higher than ever, so now it’s the ideal moment for brands to optimise their marketing campaigns. 

Organisations nowadays allocate scarce resources to marketing but demand a high return on ROI. So, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that organic marketing is more popular than ever compared to paid advertising. Organic marketing methods like search engine optimisation are more cost-effective than paid ads because they continue to work even after the brands stop spending. Companies see organic marketing as a wise investment to protect their advertising against possible budget fluctuations. 

So how can companies use organic marketing in 2022 to improve their advertising initiatives and implement a diverse strategy? Let’s find out!

SEO is a powerful marketing tool

Brands should strive to create content that answers their public’s questions, as in 2022, the focus will be on customer-first marketing. Customers these days start their purchasing journey with online research, so it’s smart for companies to invest in search engine optimisation. However, marketers should stay away from techniques like keyword stuffing, as they no longer function.

Digital marketing agencies like Passion Digital recommend prioritising technical audits and keyword research to ensure that search engines can easily index a page’s content. 

Excellent UX

Digital experts revealed that maintaining a positive UX is crucial for brands in 2022 as people expect the companies they purchase from to provide them with the best services possible. Marketers also highlight that excellent UX cannot be achieved without collaboration, so specialists in SEO, web development, and content creation must work together to fulfil the market’s demand.

Sadly, research shows that specialists in the above sectors collaborate less than 50% of the time, triggering inconsistent marketing practises, bottlenecks, and duplicate work. The companies that want to harvest the power of organic marketing should encourage regular communication between departments to ensure that they maintain positive UX. 

If you didn’t guess by now, excellent UX improves search engine rankings. 

In 2021 Google introduced a new set of tools to improve page experience and mobile optimisation. With the tools maturing, we’ll witness content triggering changes in the mobile page experience. It hasn’t changed that Google finds website experience of utter importance for ranking, and what has been true about the subject before it remains true in 2022.

The brands that want to end up on the first pages of SERPs need to provide their public with an excellent web experience – on every website page – and focus their efforts on improving their overall brand online presence and image. 

How companies take care of their brand and the user experience the website offers is what search engines want to transform into a decisive factor in rankings. Even if user experience always mattered, the latest Google algorithms dive deeper into the page-based experience websites offer and make it a more significant ranking factor.

Brands must evaluate their pages, and if they conclude that there is room for improvement, they should definitely do it in 2022. 

Measure results regularly

To determine if their marketing efforts are effective, brands must regularly measure their SEO programs’ success. Surveys show that the need of measuring results is higher than ever as they evaluate the effectiveness of search engine optimisation practises and technologies to enable brands to establish their priorities. However, before employing an SEO strategy, companies should determine the metrics they intend to monitor (market share, keyword ranking, traffic) to establish how they want to measure results. By setting the metrics, they focus on, they customise their content and marketing initiatives and save time and money. 

High-quality content

SEO consultants state that brands need to watch for what it’s called “the site-wide content quality effect”. They observed that many companies have websites with pages categorised as Discovered, currently not indexed, and recommend that marketers get familiar with SEO notions and stay up to date with the patterns Google points out. Google has always put into spotlight published indexable pages that contain high-quality content. So, brands should transform this into their new organic marketing mantra for 2022 if they want to employ a future-proof strategy. 

If you didn’t guess by now, excellent UX improves search engine rankings. 

Why do companies fail to use the power of published pages?

Most are doing short-term efforts to raise brand awareness and gain links to their website, producing a high quantity of low-quality content. They focus on tackling specific SEO issues instead of approaching organic marketing as a whole. This strategy works for quick wins but provides no long-term solutions. 

Rather than producing tons of generic content, brands should research their target public’s interests, organise them by subject, and prioritise them following corporate goals. With new changes in Google’s algorithms thanks to BERT and MUM, it’s more crucial than ever for companies to focus on their website structure and content quality. 

Focus on visual content

Visual content isn’t new in marketing, but it has never been as popular as nowadays. Marketing specialists believe that brands’ dependence on stock pictures is about to decline, and platforms providing access to unique images will register a boost in searches. This trend directly results from user behaviour because young individuals resonate better with unique lifestyle pictures that can share a real message.

But it can be challenging for a brand that never produced visual content to do it now. If you find yourself in this position, working with an SEO company London based is a smart move because you benefit from the assistance of experts who know how to create original imagery and content to reflect your values and attract the audience.  

Why do companies fail to use the power of published pages

The bottom line

No matter what marketing goals companies have in 2022, they shouldn’t buy links. This one has always been true, and it will stay true in the following years. Also, brands should start focusing on all aspects of organic marketing rather than on specific SEO aspects if they want to get results that continue to last even if they stop pouring finances into marketing. SEO is an ever-evolving and comprehensive tool that can get search engines to rank a website higher when done right.