Keeping Your Car Roadworthy – Passing the MOT Test

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The MOT test, which is mandatory for cars that are three years old or more, is designed to ensure that every vehicle on the road is in a roadworthy state. Yes, there are additional tests nowadays for things like emissions but the basic idea remains the same – to keep all road users, drivers and passengers safe.

As such, you should be checking on your car’s state throughout the year, not just when an MOT is due. Ensure the safety of your loved ones. Get your car certified now from Elite Direct MOT Garage in London. What should you be doing to keep your car roadworthy in the meantime?

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MOT Test in London for Your Car

Check Your Tyres

Firstly, it is a good idea to inspect your tyres regularly. Look for bulges and wear on their sidewalls but also confirm the tread depth. This is important for braking and handling, of course. You should also be pumping your tyres up every 1,000 miles or so to ensure they are in good condition.

Electric Parts

It is also important to check the electrics of your car once in a while. You never know when you might need your fog lamp, for example, so don’t wait until it is a foggy day before you discover a fault. In fact, you need to check all of your lights every month or so, including the brake lights, headlamps and indicators.

Oil Level

Another crucial part of your car that is often overlooked these days is the oil level. Basically, you shouldn’t wait until your dashboard light comes on to tell you there is a problem. When the car is cool, lift the bonnet and pull the dipstick out to confirm the oil level. Topping it up, when necessary, takes seconds but it is important not to forget this simple maintenance job.

Seatbelts & Seat Check

Seatbelts are another reason why cars frequently fail their MOTs. All of them in the car have to work properly to avoid a failure, not just the one in the driver’s seat that gets the most use. Check for anything that might have fallen into the buckle to prevent a good connection. You ought to also replace worn seatbelts that are twisted and no longer sit straight or that have started to fray.

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Bladed & Screenwash

Finally, check your wiper blades and screenwash. You need good visibility to remain safe and pass your MOT. Fitting new blades only takes a couple of minutes and topping up with screenwash requires even less time than that!


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