How can your business be more sustainable in 2023

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How can your business be more sustainable in 2023

Businesses now more than ever have a duty to change the way they operate so that their processes are socially responsible and environmentally friendly. Failure to do so could see us losing the environment that we’ve come to know and love.

Sustainability is an increasingly significant consideration for businesses of all types, especially since both investors and consumers are now becoming more aware of the impacts that businesses can have.

There are various ways to make your business more sustainable and these are usually relatively simple. More often than not they also bring a range of benefits, including helping you to create a more resilient and responsible business for generations to come. Here are some of the best ways you can incorporate sustainability into your business.

Provide employees with sustainable transport

Try to encourage employees to use sustainable transportation options where possible, such as trains, cycling, or carpooling. You could provide incentives for employees who choose to make these sustainable decisions.

employees with sustainable transportSometimes driving is necessary for a job. Offering employees an electric car through salary sacrifice is a great way of making your business sustainable and attracting new hires without spending a penny. Electric cars like the MG4 EV are powered by electricity, meaning they don’t produce harmful emissions when out on the road like fuel-powered cars. With salary sacrifice, your employees agree to give up some of their pay to cover the cost of the lease before their income is taxed, which can save them money.

Partake in corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Getting involved in corporate social responsibility activities can make your business stand out from your competitors. Having a positive impact on the environment and the community can put you in good stead and is great for brand awareness.

CSR can include anything from volunteering to introducing eco-friendly practices in your company to supporting local charities. Not only can this improve your customer satisfaction and retention, but it can also enhance employee morale and productivity.

Partake in corporate social responsibility

Come up with a recycling and waste process

You’d be surprised by the amount of waste that is typically produced by businesses, so it’s important that you come up with a clearly defined waste and recycling program. This can be as simple as having different waste bins for recyclable and non-recyclable materials and asking employees to make a conscious effort to use them correctly.recycling and waste process

Additionally, think of ways the business can prevent waste from being generated. For example, can you avoid using paper altogether? Could you work with local suppliers who are committed to sustainability? Is it worth buying supplies in bulk to avoid unnecessary transportation and packaging?

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