Lesson from a Job Hopper

Lesson from a Job Hopper

Whenever you have a chance to grow or level up, you have to take it, most especially when it comes to your professional life. For serial job hoppers, you must be on the lookout for your next position. But, with job-hopping comes work hunting, and this can show its fair share of anguishes and afflictions, which include long interview period and displeasure which comes with rejections.

If you are searching for the next mover or cannot look for work, below are tried and tested tips many job hunters used to secure a position in their professional journeys. Seeking a position will surely need a lot of your resources, time as well as energy. What is more, it could be extremely overwhelming physically, psychologically as well as emotionally. As a result, job-hopping tips are really significant to job seekers who are in serious need of the job. Following are some of the best and top strategies job seekers could try. So, check this out!

Proper Exit Planning

This is one vital tip that you need to consider. But, before then, you have to know that job hunting indeed is very unpredictable. You might find a job right away, or your search for the job might span many weeks. Rather than leaving your work, plan the exit. You need to make a detailed list of what you would want to experience in the next position. In making a list, you have to be specific and think of attributes like level of seniority, work-life balance as well as commute time. You can use vital platforms to go along with the characteristics or qualities you include into your list to particular job descriptions, setting up a firm but a flexible plan for the next job or position.

Proper Exit Planning

Think of Different Company

Job and life skills are transferrable. Jobs in the area of education might seem totally disjointed from positions in the medical sector. On the other hand, in these businesses, recruitment departments put a high value on a project as well as product management skills. Do not be scared to transfer to another business or company. You can do it by ensuring your cover letters and resume focus on your skills than particular tasks.

Research Companies or Industries 

Job hunters list industry culture as their main factor when deciding to move to a new team. Instead of waiting for a work to be posted on popular platforms, research and recognize any businesses which you may need for. Then check the internal career pages regularly. Businesses time and again post vacant positions on their official websites prior to posting them in public. 

Research Companies or Industries 

Tap into the Network or Ask Friends and Family Members

Utilize network to your benefit. Avoid being too proud to ask members of the family and supportive friends concerning job openings at their organizations or to openly share that you are searching for another career. On Facebook or any other social media platforms, interact with posts concerning your target company. Browse in your friend’s list as well as connect to those whom you think can help you. 

Also, if you think your work background is obstructing in looking for a new job, here is a secret that you can follow. It doesn’t matter if you have a non-conventional background, you are changing careers or a fellow job seeker on the lookout for another position. Some help and assistance can go a long way. 

You can partake or adhere to Facebook groups that feature your specific professional interest and ask for employment leads. Group participants also share job listings on a regular basis. You can look for happy hours, conferences as well as recruitment events in the industry. With a job fair or meet-up, ensure to show up the best versions of yourself, spend time joining and blending with the crowd, and talk openly about your job needs. 

The Best Thing About Job Hopping 

Thinking about why do I hop jobs?

If you have been switch jobs, sectors, and geographical places, you tend to bring a wider experience than those who have worked one position for a long time. Though longevity might yield a thorough understanding and consideration and insight into business systems, it might also result in complacency and change resistance. Concentrate on what you provide as a job hunter, and be ready to name the strong points you have developed in your experience. 

  • Broader and Wider Perspective: There is a chance that you will provide a flexible means of thinking and a capability to figure out alternative means to approach an issue. Once a team is searching for a person who is not going to take a usual approach, then you might be suitable. 
  • Adaptability: Your cover letter and resume should show that you have contended with change. In an interview, you can show them you are prepared to support different populations by sharing storing concerning your experiences. You can also express your adaptability in a manner that shows you will make a plan and ready to conquer barriers in learning with grace.
  • You can address your past experience adapting to various settings and cultures, particularly if you are going into a new type or sector of business. Also, in an interview for a position, which needs skills you don’t possess, you may show that you are more than willing to get new skills, develop meaningful partnerships as well as to adapt to new functions. 
  • Capability in connecting the dots in unforeseen manners: As you think of a new job and business or industry, consider the unlikely transferrable knowledge and skills you bring. There are some inspiring stories online that you can use as your guide. 
  • Important Tip to Follow: When you are starting a new job, make sure to respect coworkers and colleagues that have many years of experience and a long track record with the company. Prior to trying to change the whole thing, you have to take time to know why things are as well as how they are. 

Job hopping can be worrying and taxing, and even the skilled and seasoned candidate can look forward to getting some rejection. Regardless of the challenges, keep in mind that challenging and lengthy job hunting doesn’t define you as well as your achievement. Find peace in knowing that what’s intended for you is for you.