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In business parlance, ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is a concept that covers all the operations in the business ranging from personnel management, logistics, and business operations. It has been a customary practice that all data involving the operational flow of the business is being done and stored in the office computer.

Undeniably we are living in a complex world where mobility is the new trend. The system in the business must cope up with this fast-changing scenario in order to improve the business functionality and operations. Everything now is going mobile, and confining the storing of data and business inflow in the office computer may connote living in the age of antiquity. Moving forward to the new business reality is tantamount to having a mobile app that will keep up to the pace of the hectic business operations.

To give a clearer scenario as to the advantageous effects of having a mobile ERP through the enterprise app is to put oneself into the shoes of a sales agent that goes to his/her usual business route. Armed with the ERP mobile app, the sales agent will have all the accessibility to the data pertaining to the needed information that the clientele may inquire about. It will be making the office functionalities right to the fingertips of the sales agent, such as having the necessary sales figures, statistical data, and almost everything that is needed to supply and answer the questions of the customer. Business transactions can immediately proceed to the closing of the business deal, and scheduling of the delivery can be immediately done through the app.

There could be zillion beneficial effects of having an ERP mobile app but let us zoom in to the four notable advantageous effects. Here are the four advantageous effects of having an ERP app in the business;

Improved quality of service

The obvious and immediate impact of having an ERP mobile app is the employee’s improved quality of service. The app will make an employee equipped with the necessary vital information about the company. Leaving an impression that the sales agents are knowledgeable about the product and the company. An impression that will redound to the kind of service that will be provided by the employee to the customer.

Improved quality of service

Greater productivity

Mobility and accessibility to the ERP mobile app speed up business transactions. It expedites the processes for the employee to have all the data that he needs to get from the office. It is as if he is carrying with him a virtual office wherein he can immediately access all the important data and information without physically going to the office. The expedite process will necessarily result in a greater employee input and productivity. With this app on hand, the employees may even make use of their time at home by working on any work backlogs, thus improving one’s productivity.

It can be observed that there will be a massive cut down on the time that is being spent on the traditional and usual way of going back and forth to the office—giving the employee more free time where he or she can make use of in a more productive pursuit.

More accurate data capture

Remember those times when we were kids and play the game of message relay? The game actually makes us realize that the longer the message is relayed, the more it will result and cause a distorted message.

In the office and business settings usually, errors are made in transcribing and inputting data that was previously gathered. This distortion to facts and data may be minimized through the use of the ERP mobile app for the encoding of the information obtained from the clientele is being done in real-time.

Traditionally the encoding of the data obtained is being done after the employee gets back to the office. Such traditional practice oftentimes results in inaccurate data input. With the mobile apps, the encoding of the data and the transaction is being done in real-time, thus minimizing human errors. The accurateness of the data is assured once it is being encoded while it is being taken. The decrease of human errors in the mistakes of the data entry is tantamount to saving the company’s time and money. Such save time, and money may lead to the improvement of the quality of service that will be provided by the company.

More accurate data capture

Competitive advantage

To establish business presence in the market is a must for the company to increase its sales and maximize the company’s profit. The presence of the business or of the company is achieved through the company’s visibility in the virtual world. With the stiff business competition in the market, the company must make its presence felt by the customers. With the mobile app, it ensures that the company is on the right track for their customers can have an interactive relationship with the company through the mobile app. It will give them a competitive edge against their competitors.

Easy accessibility and processes are the traits that may lure the customers into patronizing the company. It can only be achieved when the company is using the ERP mobile app, for it will be a rational option for the customer to choose a company over other companies when such a company can provide quality service at a low cost. Such a trait will give the business enterprise a cutting edge over their competitors that still settles on the traditional way of conducting their business operations.

Technological and software development is now in the fast lane. Do not let your business be lagged behind by not having an ERP mobile app. It will make the best option and business decision of having this app, and you can rely on the expertise of a team of 7T to do it for you. The Team 7T is reliable for mobile apps and customized software, and it also offers a wide variety of services such as data governance, system integrations. It may even offer the best technological solution that can be tailored to fit your business.

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