Improve access to your buildings with multiple door options

Improve access to your buildings with multiple door options

Improve access to your buildings

Often, when you are moving to a new house, constructing a building, setting up a company or business that requires a physical location, be it a shop, hotel or other type of building, you don’t think at first about what type of doors will give access and allow people to leave. It is important to have good advice on the manufacture, materials, design and subsequent assembly of the doors, as this will not only influence the visual design, but also the safety of the establishment, the responsible use of energy and materials, etc.

In this sense, ERREKA has become one of the UK’s best known and leading manufacturers of automatic doors and bespoke shopfront solutions. It is also worth noting that their team is fully trained and experienced in the manufacture of Aluminium Doors and Steel Fire Exit Doors.

The following is a brief assessment of the most current and modern door types, which are also in great demand among customers, such as automatic doors and shopfronts.

Automatic doors and shopfronts

Nowadays, there are companies on the market such as ERREKA that specialise in the design and manufacture of automatic doors, shopfronts, among others. All of them are manufactured in house at their Bristol-based factory. They produce Automatic Sliding doors, Automatic Swing Doors and even Revolving doors, the latter specially designed to reduce energy costs, enhance traffic flow to your premises and, above all, to improve the accessibility service so that all customers can find the type of door, design and needs that best suit their preferences.

Automatic doors and shopfronts

Automatic Sliding door

They are specially manufactured from robust materials and designed for endure heavy traffic. They are ideal for a range of building premises, such as offices, shops, hotels, supermarkets, etc. If this is your option, do not hesitate to contact ERREKA or visit their website for advice from their customer service department, as well as information about a possible study of your case, the installation of the products, advice on their use and safety, etc.

Automatic Swing doors

They are highly effective and versatile, have multiple uses and can improve access to a wide variety of buildings and facilities. At ERREKA these types of doors are specially designed to improve access to disabled persons as well as to facilitate the flow of traffic in limited space. This type of door can be installed in both open and closed spaces and can be single or double doors, which is why they are so versatile and perfect for environments where there is a big variety and quantity of shops and superstores.

Revolving doors

One of the most acclaimed options by architects, as they adapt to the needs of access to emblematic buildings, giving them a very attractive design. For example, ERREKA has a design called BIRA E22 that allows a high pedestrian traffic (up to 80 pedestrians per minute), both for entrances and exits. If your priority is design as well as security and you are concerned about responsible energy consumption, revolving doors are perfect.

Automatic Swing doors

Why buy at ERREKA?

ERREKA offers both an installation service and a supply only service accessible via their Online Trade Centre where they can inform and advise all their customers. You can have all the Automatic door openers parts and accessories the day after your purchase, all over the UK.

If you require any type of assistance that requires a quick response and solution, please do not hesitate to call 01275 87187 or email [email protected].