How to change your name post marriage?

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The Name Game: Things To Give A Miss When Changing Your Name Post Marriage

The beginning of married life is marked by several changes. One of the most substantial changes is the name change. Women have been taking their husbands’ names after marriage from time immemorial. Nowadays, even men give a testimony of their commitment by taking up the name of their wives. The idea of double barrelling their surnames appeals to some couples, while some go a step ahead and create a new surname by meshing their surnames. 

Whichever route you take, avoid some common mistakes that most couples tend to make. Here they are.

Changing the name too soon 

If you can’t wait to fly on your honeymoon immediately after your wedding, do not rush to change your name. Different names on your travel ticket, passport, social security card, license, certificate, and other relevant documents can delay your plans. 

Getting the name changed on your passport is a lengthy process. If you book your ticket in your new name and your passport flaunts your old name, it could cause trouble during your trip to a different country. Either apply for a new passport much in advance or wait until you are home. 

Not reminding your employer and HR department about your name change 

Not informing everyone that you have changed your name 

While the process of changing your name is straightforward in the UK, it doesn’t end at getting a deed poll. Once you get it, you need to inform certain relevant agencies and get your name changed on relevant documents. 

You will want your passport, driving license, vehicle registration, banks, credit cards, institutions, identifications, etc., to have the same name. But informing every organization might get overwhelming, especially when you are already tired from your long wedding celebration. 

But it does not make up for an excuse to skip the name-change forms for some organizations. Make it a point to contact one and all. Find out the different documents you will need to inform all the organizations. 

The agencies and parties that should know about your name change include passport office, department of motor vehicles, social security administration, banks, and other financial institutions, post office, vote registration, credit card companies, state tax authority, insurance companies, doctors, dentist, memberships, and clubs. 

Falling in name – changing website scams 

The internet has surely made many jobs easy but also made you vulnerable to fraud. Search on the internet, and you will come across many sites claiming to help you with changing your name legally. Steer clear from these fake services. They demand your personal information and then misuse them for their benefit. 

To change your name in the UK, you will need a deed poll (in most cases). After marriage, you can change your name using your marriage certificate. 

Not informing everyone that you have changed your name Not reminding your employer and HR department about your name change 

While getting the name changed on your passport, financial institutions, and your driving license might seem like a priority, informing your company about your new name is equally important; otherwise, you will get your paycheck delayed. 

Ensure you inform your company ahead of time so that they can take care of it and also get your name changed on your business card

The bottom line 

You might have already decided the best name change option for you, practised speaking your new name in front of the mirror a hundred times, and informed your family and friends about your decision to change your name after your marriage but committing any of these name-changing mistakes can create problems for you. 

So, be vigilant of these mistakes when changing your name after your marriage

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