How does vinted work? 

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About Vinted Work Model

The Vinted app is the go-to platform for second-hand fashion. Whether you want to sell vintage items online or just earn some money by getting rid of your old apparel, the Vinted app is your tool.

Vinted is a free online marketplace that enables you to sell or exchange garments without paying any fees. It has a community of over 21 million members in the United States, Europe, and the United Kingdom. Besides second-hand apparel and accessories, you may list children’s toys, new cosmetics and beauty items, tech equipment, and homeware on the website.

What is the procedure for using Vinted?

Vinted is all about bringing wardrobes together and making online selling secure and convenient. Rather than holding an auction, you just display your products for sale and wait for someone to purchase them or make an offer on your items.

About Vinted Work Model

Fees for Vinted App 

With Vinted, there are no costs associated with selling, and since they accept money via the platform, you won’t have to worry about paying PayPal fees either.

Instead, purchasers pay a buyer protection charge, which ensures a return in the event that products are damaged, do not arrive as stated, or are misplaced during shipping.

Because of this, you may post your products for less than you would be able to on Depop or another second-hand apparel marketplace.

What are the regulations in this case?

You must follow a few basic guidelines while selling on Vinted, and they are listed below. In addition to adhering to the criteria for what is permitted and avoiding everything that is banned, the following are some of the most important regulations to be aware of:

Fees for Vinted App 

  • Vinted does not have an auction or a bidding system. Items offered for sale at an exceptionally low or high price may be deemed auctioned and withdrawn from the market as a result of this. Setting suitable pricing for your things should be your primary goal at all times.
  • You violate the law if you connect to external websites that assist sales from your listings or your personal page.
  • You are required to list every item with an acceptable item condition, and you should limit each item’s listing to a single listing.
  • To properly explain bundle items in the item’s title and description, you must provide specific details in both. You must also make sure that you are offering the bundle for sale at a price that includes all of the things in the package. You are not permitted to list any of the things individually.

How to Make a Sale on Vinted?

First, it is necessary to first download the Vinted application from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Alternatively, you may create your Vinted profile on your computer or tablet.

1. Create a Vinted profile for yourself

Adding your profile information is possible once you’ve validated your account using your phone number or Facebook or Google.

Set up your Vinted profile in a manner that is representative of your own style. This is an excellent method of attracting a following, and it will also assist in increasing your sales. The following are the first three steps to get you started:

  • Uploading a profile image may help to give your business a more personal touch, but if you’re camera shy, go for something unique that fits your brand’s personality instead.
  • Create a biography – Tell your buyers a little about yourself, what you’re offering, and if you have any blog links, provide them. Adding your social media profiles to your website might also help to improve your credit ratings.
  • Consider offering package discounts – This is a terrific way to increase sales by attracting more customers. You may provide growing discounts based on the number of things that your consumers purchase from you. 

How to Make a Sale on Vinted

2. Make a list of your belongings

Getting your things listed on Vinted is really simple and fast, whether you’re using the Vinted desktop or the Vinted mobile application.

  • Please upload your photographs. You may upload a maximum of 20 images per listing. It is necessary to provide at least three to demonstrate the validity of the brand when selling branded things. Ascertain that they are clear and not fuzzy and that they are not on the wrong way up if they are!
  • Please include a title for your item and a thorough description of it. Make careful to include any faults, any specifics regarding the fit if it is not standard, or anything else that distinguishes your item from the rest of the crowd.
  • Choose the appropriate category for your item.
  • Choose the competitive pricing. However, it is recommended that you price your item higher than the normal selling price for a comparable item. Researching before selling is good.
  • Indicate whether or not you are open to exchange your purchase.
  • The next step is to define the size of the cargo you’ll need for delivery so that the buyer can figure out how much it will cost to ship the package. There are instructions available to assist you in this endeavour. 

3. Bringing in the sale

Purchasers may make an offer on an item, and you’ll be given a choice to either accept or decline their offer, or you can make them a counteroffer in response to their offer. Since it’s normal for individuals to make an offer before purchasing an item, selling an item for a pound or two more than you’re ready to take isn’t a bad idea. Essentially, this implies that you will not be taking less than you believe it is worth when you discount anything.

In the event that you sell an item on Vinted, you will get both a notice and an email to notify you of the sale. If you do this, you will have all of the information you need about what to do next, including what postage to send it with. You’ll have five days to get the item to the recipient.

Remember to package the item securely (see this page for failsafe packing recommendations) and notify your customer that their item is on its way. Once the deal is completed, they will provide you feedback, displaying it on your page as Vinted reviews.

4. Take your money out of your account

When the item has been sent and received by the customer, along with a glowing review, all that remains is for you to withdraw your money from the seller’s account. Then, when the buyer confirms that they have received the item and everything is in working order, you will send the money to your Vinted account.

It then becomes your responsibility to treat yourself to Vinted deals or withdraw the monies into your bank account. 

Bonus Tips on The Working of Vinted App 

  • Increase the number of shipping alternatives available. Offering a choice of delivery alternatives is a terrific way to ensure that you reach as many prospective consumers as possible.
  • New things are added regularly. In addition to helping you maintain your profile visible and establish a following, consistently adding new things can help you sell more since it will increase your visibility and following.
  • You should group items according to their size. If shoppers are looking for things by size and come across your website, this may inspire them to purchase many items in order to save on shipping costs.
  • Don’t forget to include hashtags. Yes, hashtags are used by Vinted as well! Choose 3 to 5 relevant hashtags per description to get the most out of your post.
  • Increase your level of involvement. Vinted individuals with similar accounts to yours may be followed and liked on the network, and sending messages to those who have shown interest in your things can all help increase your exposure on the platform. 

How to get your product noticed

  • What exactly is a “bump” on Vinted?

As a result, even if selling is free, you can bump an item, which is a paid-for service that will promote an item to the top of users’ newsfeeds once a day for three consecutive days. You will be charged 95p for each item if you choose this option. However, it is not something that I have personally utilized. You may move your things up in the order they appear on your profile page.

  • What is a ‘wardrobe spotlight’ on Vinted, and how does it work?

The ability to purchase a seven-day wardrobe spotlight for £6.95, which is effectively an ad that will show in people’s feeds promoting five of your goods, is another paid option on Vinted. 


Now that you’ve mastered selling on the Vinted app, it’s time to start snapping photos and submitting your first things to the marketplace.  

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