How Can Marketers Benefit from Using a VPN?

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Marketers are courageous early adopters of new tech and digital tools.  Anything that can help to collect and understand data and create new content for those hungry audiences is good, right?

Just don’t forget how critical it is to safeguard your brand’s privacy and security profile.

According to a McKinsey & Company report, consumers trust companies that limit the use of data and respond quickly to data breaches. Deloitte goes further with its view that data security has become a competitive advantage for brand-building and corporate reputation.

As a result, VPNs have become a primary tool for marketers because it secures and protects their data while helping them to penetrate hard-to-reach customer segments.

It’s time to upgrade your digital marketing tool kit with the safety features of a VPN for iPhone or Android, tablets, PC, and all other work devices.

What is a VPN?

In a nutshell, a VPN creates a private, secure digital tunnel and encrypts everything that passes between your computer and the unsafe aspects of the internet. With a VPN, you can also change your location, hide your IP, conceal your identity from competitors, and monitor global and local trends without making your presence known.

You essentially become a fly on the wall – an enormous advantage when tweaking your campaigns for better results.

Protect Sensitive Client Data

Marketers work with massive amounts of data stored on a variety of platforms. It’s often necessary to keep switching between internal data storage and external data siloes like Instagram, Facebook, or Youtube.

Protect Sensitive Client Data

Data breaches attract a lot of attention. What would happen to customer trust if your social media management accounts got hacked?

A VPN allows you to access and handle sensitive company and client information without the danger of leaking data to a malicious data thief or accidentally exposing data online.

Prevent Identity Theft

Don’t risk your security while you’re madly hopping between hotels, the airport, coffee shops, the office, and home. Your VPN doubles up to protect your data from identity theft while securing your company data.

Take care to pick a provider that covers a range of operating systems with a VPN for iPhone, Windows, Android, and even your smart fridge and other IoT devices.

Execute Perfect Pricing Strategies

Customers nowadays use VPNs to hide their true location. It allows them to bargain-hunt for lower prices on websites that base their prices on the user’s location. Some websites also restrict content in some locations to comply with legal or licensing requirements.

Use your VPN to check your competitors and your websites for accidental discrepancies – or opportunities you may have missed!

Research Local Seo Like A Local

Use the different server locations of your VPN service to check how your campaigns are doing at a local level. Simply switch locations to see search engine results like a true local would.

That method will give you highly accurate keyword search results, keywords trends per location, and real-time keyword trends. Understanding your prospective customers at remote locations or in different countries becomes much easier.

Do Extreme Competitor Analysis

While you’re stalking your competitors, their websites are tracking you. They might notice and ban your IP address if you visit their websites or social media too often. A VPN disguises your identity and allows you to slip in and out without them noticing.

Fast Link Building Without Restrictions

Save time and effort by switching to a new VPN location when you have to connect to a website repeatedly. It refreshes your virtual IP address to prevent throttling or bans while you’re out there building links like a beaver.

Do Extreme Competitor Analysis

Keep Your Data Clean

Marketers sometimes distort their data if they frequently return to their web pages to see how they look.

While working on new layouts or adding new products, set your IP location to an easily recognizable outlier country. For example, if you’re based in New York, you’ll quickly recognize your visits if they are set to originate from Iceland or Cyprus. This method prevents artificial peaks that could skew your analytics.

Remember To Protect All Your Devices

A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, protects your data from snoopers and routes your traffic via a private tunnel to your VPN’s router. You control the results when you remain anonymous on all your devices – even from your ISP.

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