7 Smart ways to earn money when you are a student

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Ways to earn income as a student

Obtaining a better academic and professional preparation requires an investment of time and money, the latter being one of the main obstacles that young people find in continuing their professional educational Assignment Writers. Some are forced not to study at the university.

Work and study

But what to do when you have the desire to continue studying and at the same time obtain an extra income? The main thing is to list priorities, and on that basis, manage time, taking into account sleep schedules, transportation time, school schedule, the period for homework, home responsibilities, etc. Combining these two activities can be complicated, but not impossible.

Ways to earn income while studying


1.Interns / part-time jobs

The idea is to look for a job that is related to what is being studied. In this way, in addition to obtaining extra income, work experience is also acquired and more is known from the professional world. Depending on the professional career that is being studied, there is the possibility of looking for a job as a fellow, within the work area in which you intend to venture. The fellows’ schedules are part-time, although they do not receive a salary, many companies offer biweekly financial support.

earn money as student


2. Scholarships

There are many scholarships offered by United Kingdom government agencies. The Ministry of Public Education, as well as the UK government of each state, even within the same academic institutions, promotes scholarships to prevent young people from leaving their studies. These economic supports are granted, mostly, every six months.


3. Photographs

Even if it is not the professional career that is studied, if you have a good cell phone or camera and you have a good visual appreciation, you can sell these screenshots on the Internet, there are image banks that buy high-resolution photographs.


4. Translations

Speaking two languages, or more, opens many doors in the workplace, no matter what the working area in which it develops. The language that is most recommended to study in English, however, being trilingual opens walls. Making online translations and even for the same schoolmates can generate extra income. There are portals where translations are requested for files, ebooks, even web portals. This is one more reason to study languages.


5. Be a tutor

Taking advantage of the knowledge already acquired is another option. Offer summer courses, give tutorials or prepare for exams to other students or lower grade, is a source of income and also helps reaffirm what has already been learned.Although studying and obtaining extra income is not an easy task, it is all a matter of broadening the panorama. There are many options that allow continuing studies and generate income. The important thing is to continue preparing. Even there are lot of opportunities available in online to become a tutor, Udemy Tutor is one of those.

earn money as a student


6. Answer surveys

There are websites that offer payments for answering surveys about services or products. It only consists of giving a personal opinion on the subject of the survey. In exchange for that, they offer points, economic compensation or products.


7. Offer services on the internet

Even when it is being studied, the services of the skills and knowledge already developed can be offered. There are digital platforms that act as mediators between the professional and those who need the service. Among the jobs that are most offered are web design, writing articles, translations, programming, etc.

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