Have You Prepared a Checklist before Starting a Business?


Are you fed up of doing a job? Are you hacked off office politics and your employer’s cruel behavior? Are you looking for financial security? If your answer is “yes” to any of the questions, it is a good time to start your own business venture. The idea of a business seems to be very good but can be stressful. Most people think that they are ready to take up this responsibility as long as they have money and a business idea.

Business is very dynamic. Just because you have a clear business plan and target audience, it does not mean that you have done all your homework. Here is what needs to be on your checklist:


You need to have a licence or permit to run a business. You can register as a sole trader, limited company or partnership. Each category requires you to meet terms and conditions. If you are running an online business, you need to provide additional information such as your business name, contact details, type of goods and services you deal in, price you charge, payment gateway details, delivery arrangements and the like. Visit the government site and get complete information about the registration of your business.

Assets requirements

You must have a list of assets ready that you need to run your business such as desktops, laptops, commercial space, and goods. Note down the items as well as the numbers and price. This will help you prepare your budget accordingly. Even if you are running an e-commerce store, you need to know whom you need to contact to develop the website, how you will get goods, the domain name, shipping company etc.

A backup plan

What if your business fails to generate revenues? What if your plan does not get succeed? What if you fail to market your product in the right way? What if your competitors take hold of the market? There are a number of possibilities when your business is likely to collapse. Therefore, you need to have a backup plan. Many people after losing their job start a business venture, but most of them fail in the first year. A business does not guarantee that it will go places despite a unique idea. Having a backup plan makes sure that you can immediately implement it and you do not stay unemployed.

business checklist

Emergency cushion

Some people take out business loans before starting their venture. You may also need to take out a loan to get it off the ground. Since loan can pose a serious threat to your budget, you should have some money set aside in case your business faces recession. The requirement of emergency cushion is not only for entrepreneurs who have been under the debt. You may suffer from losses or your sales can eventually go down. Having savings make sure that your business will withstand economic changes and stay stable.

Financial analysis system

Before you start your business, you must have financial analysis software. Since the day one, you should know how much money is coming in and how much is going out. Have a proper accounting record. This will not only help you have an insight into your finances but also help you at the time of paying income tax. Accounting is a language of business and therefore you must have a reliable accounting and financial reporting system.

The bottom line

Your checklist should state your business plan, marketing strategy, target audience, borrowed money, and repayment plan in addition to aforementioned things. Starting a business is not difficult. You can take out even a smaller loan such as 100 % guaranteed acceptance loans for unemployed to start it, but it requires great strength to hit the ground running. Make sure that you have entrepreneurial skills. Competition is fierce and only those people survive who use proactive approach.